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Teeanna d'Elenassay is a tall, slim built female elf with eyes of dark sapphire, alabster skin and long raven locks. She is a young elf, raised around the court of Eidolon. Her paternal family (Elenassay) is a very successful and well established merchant family. Her maternal family is in the military, her grandparents fought and died at the battle of Penjarre.

In Winter 806 she arrived at Seagate to join the guild at the advice of Princess Isilith. She met Lord Dramus and went to Oz on her first adventure. Teeanna is honoured to become Pricess of Asheth.

She is slowly assimilating the quick pace of human culture and skills required for adventuring. It will be years before she will call herself a mind mage - having only spent the 6 years learning the basics of the college at Eidolon's Royal academy.

Teeanna and Dramus have a number of properties and staff around Alusia and other planes.

Played by Hannah Jackson