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'Ted of the Allied Traders'


A well spoken short balding man in his late thirties or early forties. He has normal looking but well made clothes. He is very sneaky. Seems to be very alert and also able to understand many languages. Not a fool. Seems to conduct himself with care. Seems to be of some value to his guild as he is often 'guarded' discreetly by them.

  • Works for the Allied Traders Guild in Khatovar City.
  • Capable and aware of magic and the effects it can have.
  • Understand Agents and Powers and who is working for who in Khatovar.
  • Has an item or ability to turn invisible (not detectable by Rk 20 Witchsight).
  • Good with numbers and is able to organise large deals without too many issues.

Scribe notes: