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As of Summer 818WK
Location 5 miles east of Emmitsburg in Brastor. Emmitsburg area.JPG
Market town is Emmitsburg
Trade Unknown.
Population Unknown.
Subinfeudation Carzala-sub-map.jpg


Situated few miles east of Emmitsburg, just south of the westward flowing stream that joins the Champion River as Casthill, Tallwood gets is name from the copse of trees that mark the boundary between the rolling environs of Brastor Holdings and the Eastmarch.

Sadly the trees have been blighted by the Dark Circle but the local people will not allow them to be felled. The Eastmarch Way, running along the edge of the Eastmarches from Emmitsburg to South Lending turns southeast just before the copse.

The village is well over half a mile from road, to the southwest. Its proximity to Emmitsburg means travellers envariably prefer to push on to the town rather than stay or shop in Tallwood.

Since 814WK the Hallenstein family have maintained an equestrian stud and riding school. During the summer months the local rangers run a basic training program in association with the Hallenstein Stud. A small number of good riding horses are available for sale each year.