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For the Players on the Game Only

You will be told these details after the guild meeting, in a meeting room, and not before,so that you don't think about stuff and have your mind read. Viola wants to find a way to get rid of her pact and survive the process and aftermath.

  • One of the things to consider will be that mind mage agents could read our minds after we discuss this and tell Renove what is going on.
  • Another thing to consider is how to survive Renove's wrath on a longterm basis.
  • Lady Erszabet Hillborne knows of a Shaman that we can ask for help. He might know an ancient invocation or someone who does.
  • To survive Viola needs to be able to see through illusions, so that she can see Renove's minions coming. The shaman may be able to help Viola see through illusions.
  • Viola has put her magic sword in the Guild Vaults in case Renove can track her through the sword because it was make by a demonic weaponsmith.
  • The Lunar Empire may be a place she can live but they have a price on her head. Would it be possible to arrange a meeting with Richard (of the Lunar Inquisition) to get the price removed and for Viola to find a place to live safely in the Lunar Empire?