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I thought one change had been made for V2.0.6 which changed climbing slightly to allow additional thief skills to be used while climbing. I will try and find it. --Mandos 00:00, 15 May 2008 (NZST)

We also need a spelling/grammar check on this at some stage, though it need not hold up another vote. --Andreww 18:47, 5 Jun 2008 (NZST)

Thief Extra Subskills

If the intent is to bring thief into line with the Spy and and other skill formats why does the Optional abilities section not have the Additional abilies may be gained without increasing rank by the expenditure of ?? EP and 4 weeks training?

As currently proposed: Optional Abilities In addition, a thief gains an optional ability with each Rank. Additional abilities may be gained after achieving Rank 7, by the expenditure of 1000 Experience Points and 2 weeks of training.

I realize that these rules where intially formulated before we changed the rules on optional ablities, so is its exclusion from the version proposed for voting an oversight or intentional? --Helen 18:19, 5 Jun 2008 (NZST)

The optional ability ranking listed above was also from before the general addition to many of being able to buy a rank. We should use the new method, bringing it in line with the other skills where sub-skills may be purchased. I will find the XLS where I worked out the EP costs, and add some proposed wording for this in the next couple of days, unless someone else has a copy? If we use exactly the same system as for the ~10 other skills, I think it will cost 4,000ep and 4 weeks, each dropping 25% at Rank 8 and 50% at Rank 10. --Andreww 18:46, 5 Jun 2008 (NZST)

From Memory it was the discussion around Thief that generated the discussion that caused that change. Alignment makes sense. --Mandos 20:15, 5 Jun 2008 (NZST)

Thief Subskills proposed wording

Additional abilities may be gained by the expenditure of 4,000 Experience Points and 4 weeks of training per ability. These costs are discounted by 25% if the thief has reached rank 8, or by 50% if they have reached rank 10.

SubSkill EP Calc

The 2006 Rule Changes have a section proposing 4,000ep for extra thief subskills as part of a list of subskill ep costs (the rest of which were accepted). Also, it fits the calculation method as below:

(Copied from 2006 Rule Changes

It has been requested that the calculation method for the EP values be recorded in the Wiki, in case other skills are changed later.

Start with the EP cost for Rank 4 in the skill. Multiple by the number of ranks required to get a new subskill. Round +/- 10%. For exceptions (e.g. Merchant) change the subskill multipler if needed.

Note that this method shouldn't be used for Philosopher, which already has a perfectly good method, based on its linear EP progression. Also, this method probably shouldn't be used for Ranger, which is for changing a specilisation, not adding a new one, as it is liable to over-estimate a fair price.

Always apply common sense.