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Mace of Smashing

Question on Mace of Smashing, well double points.
1. Spec Grev's actually take 2 off armour by the rules (3:11 in the rule book). Though fair enough if the mace only does 1.
2. Does the standard Spec Grev option of having your shield ruined instead apply here also? (Also 3:11).
--Bernard 12:51, 26 Mar 2009 (NZST)

1. It specifically takes one off the protection of armour (including natural armour - it was intended to be used to get through the scales of a Dragon). The reference to Spec Grevs was to clarify that the armour is repaired as per the rules for repairing Spec Grevs.

2. Will seek clarification with the GM, but I'd expect that Rune Shield wouldn't pop. It's not actually a Spec Grev, just has a similar effect.

-- Stephen 13:47, 26 Mar 2009 (NZST)

Rune Shield is another good point. The Shield in 3:11 is a standard physical shield, i.e. large round, which can be broken instead of the armour taking damage if the wearer chooses. Shield then becoming useless.
Though I'd expect not also, just something that probably could use that clarification of intent.
--Bernard 14:14, 26 Mar 2009 (NZST)

Confirmed by William, the armour reduction effect is not a Spec Grev, it is a specific magical effect that will reduce protection. It will neatly avoid shields and rune shields and just reduce the armour. The damage to physical armour may be repaired by an armourer as per the rules for a similar amount of damage from Spec Grevs. Natural armour presumably requires Healer repair skin and/or bone to fix.

I will try to clarify this in the write-up without turning it into War & Peace.

-- Stephen 14:58, 2 Apr 2009 (NZST)

Piercing Arrows

We will be storing the Arrows of Piercing somewhere safe and sealed away from Leraje/Moonshae, I assume. Otherwise, we will all be down 3xN AG in the first couple of pulses, and the agility fighters will be stuffed. --Andreww 15:03, 26 Mar 2009 (NZST)