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"Chez Caulfield in Royal Oak"
Where's that then? --Kelsie 13:38, 11 Mar 2009 (NZDT)


Anyone can't do wednesdays to accomodate the GM?

  • T/W/H fine with me, M possible - AndrewW.
  • I'd prefer Tuesdays or Thursdays as I will miss most of 1 in 4 nights playing on Wednesdays. But obviously GM preference (and his work commitments) get priority. - Stephen
  • Is it possible for the GM to do Tue or Thu? I'm happy with T/T
  • I can do any week night - Michael
Wednesday suits the GM and everyone else. You have enough high level nutters and I'm unkeen on the disruption of missing one in four nights. I'll withdraw. Thanks, Stephen 14:01, 4 Mar 2009 (NZDT)

Have talked to William, he can do all but 4 Wednesdays and all but one of those can be moved to another day. Looking at playing on Thursdays some weeks, and on Tuesday one night. Draft playing schedule as per the below, we can discuss this on Wednesday.

Playing Nights

Week 1 Wed 11th March Royal Oak
Week 2 Wed 18th March New Windsor
Week 3 Tue 24th March Royal Oak *
Week 4 Wed 1st April Royal Oak
Week 5 Tue 7th April Royal Oak # William working We & Th.
Week 6 Wed 15th April Royal Oak Due to Easter disruption
Week 7 Thu 23nd April Albany #! SM can't do Tu.
Week 8 Wed 29th April New Windsor *
Week 9 Wed 6th May - SM Away and GM unwell
Week 10 Wed 13th May - # No day free for William.
Week 11 Wed 20th May Royal Oak
Week 12 Thu 28th May Royal Oak * Or Tu if viable for William.
Week 13 Wed 3rd June Royal Oak Kelsie in Fiji
Week 14 Thu 11th June Royal Oak #
* Stephen unable to make it till ~9pm (on the Wednesday)
# William Working on Wed.
! Kelsie can't make the first Thursdays as marked.

No game tonight 6th may. Gm not feeling well.


Sabrina and I believe that its clear that we can't simply destroy someone for third-party revenge, nor endanger the entire guild by taking a guild contract for Leraje's life. However, if we happen to be unwitting cats-paws of some other power (Odin, Michael, the Old Elven Gods, etc, although preferably not some other demon), then the guild isn't responsible for any subsequent deaths . The important thing is not to have the demonic world decide that the Guild is getting too practised at meddling in their affairs of state, and set aside their non-interference agreement to squash the guild, or selected large parts of it. I'm sure that if we are careful, Lord Kerenthos of Liosene can still gain some form of indirect satisfaction. Or am I being overly oblique? Kit

Yes, that is part of the problem. I thought of writing something to allay fears, but decided it was better addressed in game. The PCs perceptions of how things work and why they are a certain way is an important part of the game. How that grows and changes is also very important to the role-playing experience. Second, it will all depend on who you talk to. Odin will have a different perspective and understanding than Michael who is different again to Prince Viliathrana or Kael. Third, did you read the bit by Level? William

You and Sabrina are being big girls blouse's. Of course we can attempt to destroy this demon. For revenge, for fun, for profit or just because it's something to do before lunch. It's up to each character to decide their own motivations. This endanger the Guild rubbish is a smelly red herring to be put out with the trash. He's already an enemy and a threat, attempting to kill him will not change that. I could just as easily argue that not killing him endangers the Guild. But I won't because it's unknowable. So let's kill the bastard, tie his arrows in knots, steal or break his bow, give him a good kicking, rip his head off and piss down his windpipe or at least give it a good go. And if your have problems with that then I suggest you go back to your knitting because your of no use to the rest of us.

Leraje is a lover of strife and will attempt to provide battle whenever possible. Chance encounters between normally
neutral parties will usually end in a bloody combat to the death if Leraje is present.

See, we are already fighting and we haven't even left the Guild yet..... Naden



In regards to the Faith ability of Kit, I thought we had worked out that only Dalran could not use this. Has something come up since to change this? Yes

  • Faith (Rk 14): MR at least 87, 119 vs evil in combat
extra +20-50 against bard, witchcraft, curses, non-college, or when really trying,
does not protect against Flash of Light,
within 50' of Kit. (not Dalran or Sabrina)

Mea culpa. Sorry, I can cast on Sabrina, but not shelter her from harm under the protection of my Faith like the rest of the party. On Wednesday night I got confused between the restrictions of being a vessel for Michael's Wrath and Raphael's Faith. Sabrina is an "ungodly heathen", while Dalran is was clearly "damned". The rest of the party (including Ajax)are "innocents" - sentient entities who are not aligned at all. That may change some decisions? -- Andreww 20:34, 13 Mar 2009 (NZDT)

Wrath: Casting beneficial magic on ungodly heathens (followers of gods not clearly supporting the Light) has a -25% penalty. He may never cast beneficial magic on the damned (the Powers of Darkness, their direct allies or pacted followers).

Faith: Kit may, at a cost of 20 MR, protect innocents and other followers of the light within 50 feet. They will gain Kit's current Magic Resistance.

Calamar Naming Conventions

Was the ship Quest for Civilised Enlightenment or In Search of Civilian Applications? Or do they translate as the same thing? -- Andreww 15:12, 26 Mar 2009 (NZST)

I couldn't remember and hadn't written down the name. I'll fix it up. -- Stephen 15:49, 26 Mar 2009 (NZST)

The Day after Nightfall

We fought in Nightfall, the epic battle at the end of days, for much of the evening and night of the 12th. I thought that we took the 13th off as a recovery day, rather than slogging through icy wastes all morning? Or was it just that we had 2am to 6am 'off' before restarting our quest? If it's the latter, I'd like to borrow Braegon to manage some software projects... This may affect our timeline by up to one day. -- Andreww 19:07, 6 Apr 2009 (NZST)

It felt like hours but only a few minutes had passed when we came out, just like sermons in Raphael's temple. ;-) This is cruising, normally we'd have the global/planar teleport going and have done all of this in the first day or two. We haven't even dipped into the time travel or multiple copies of ourselves to get more than 48 hours per day. We're heading towards taking a whole season to complete an Extreme/Insane level adventure, how are we ever going to hold our heads up in the guild pub after this??? -- Stephen 00:25, 7 Apr 2009 (NZST)


There are a lot of Elves in the Ladlaugh province of Alfheim who are due to give birth mid Vintage (middle of the last month this season).

I'm looking for any Midwives and Healers who would be welcome in Alfheim who want to come and help. We will provide reasonably safe transport to Ladlaugh at the beginning of Vintage and back at the end of the month in time for the guild meeting.

If you are interested, please add your name to the list in the healers chambers and be at the guild, prepared to travel at the beginning of Vintage.

No matter how qualified and civilised, Orcs, Giants, and Dwarves should not apply. This is not the best time to add racial tension.

- Braegon

Apologies to those who are keen but currently on adventure, we're going to leave you behind. We're probably going to be resolving these events before you have finished your current adventures, it is easier all round if we only take characters who are not involved in other adventures at the same time.


  1. Penni - Elven Master Healer specialising in midwifery.
  2. Darien - Human Celestial, near master healer, can assist with Wings as well. Can be available from early in the season if he can do some ritual ranking (OHG).
  3. Phaeton - Human Celestial(Solar), Master Healer (Diancecht).
  4. Serra Angelus - Female Elven Earth mage Rk 6 Healer Rk 5 Herbalist. Lives in Ladlaugh province. Willing to help when not dropping her own sprog.
  5. Amelia - Halfling, master healer & master herbalist. Has worked for the Queen recently. In Her Majesty's Somewhat Secret Service
  6. Anathea - Human, healer and near-master Midwife (PoL).
  7. Mary-M - Winged-Halfing, master Healer (PoL).
  8. Mortimer - Half(Elf)ling, healer, Knight of Alfheim, Blessings offered to willing mothers (PoL).
  9. Kelestra Windsom - bunny human female, wicca and learning healer. Willing to help out in any way she can, even if it's just holding the towels and hot water.
Keen but on Adventure
  1. Dramus - Rk 6 Healer, assuming he survives current adventure. Inlaws in Alfheim.
  2. Sooty - Elf. Rk 5 Healer, May not be back to the guild in time.
Staying Home
Dr Sam will act as locum for Seagate practises; Healer + Herbalist + Foot Masseuse. Credentials displayed on request.
Lady Thorn will also be remaining in Seagate; she doesn't like to do the midwife thing.... not since she helped Adam deliver Cain and Able.
Human the Fool - Human Illusionist Rk 4 Healer. Will help only if he is getting paid/something in return or repaying a debt. Thanks for the generous offer, but under the circumstances probably best to avoid more mercenary motivations.

The good stuff

  • Definitely counts as 6 weeks training time for Healer / Midwife done in 4 weeks.
  • May gain 1 rank in Elven (up to 7) as per the language immersion rules.
  • All may increase their effective Healer rank by 1 for time-calculation purposes only (Cost 5000 xp)
  • Life-aspected Healers may ignore a number of death incidents equal to their rank per day for the next season.
  • Death-aspected Healers add 5 points to all dice roll for the next season.
  • Agents of the Powers of Light / Elven Gods get one favour from their patron.
  • Agents of the Powers of Darkness will get a warning / what are you thinking and may have to make amends.
  • The blessings and gratitude of thousands of Elves.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling.


Dalran - 32,200 Kit - 32,300 Braegon - 31500 Sabrina - 31000 Naden - 30800 Silverfoam - 29600 Caprice - 31200