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Kelsie's place is 17 Widdison Place, Albany. Best to get off at Upper Harbour Hwy as the traffic is heavy before Greville Road. Remember to bear left to turn right at Albany Highway.

--Kelsie 16:38, 1 Jul 2009 (NZST)


No game this week (15th/16th July), William on holiday ----

No game 3rd Sept

No game tonight 9 Sept, I am not well. Loot and ep at guild meeting


I can't make the game tonight. Sorry Andreww 15:16, 12 Aug 2009 (NZST)

I may be having travel issues tomorrow night. Not 100% sure but best to plan ahead.
I can start in Ellerslie or Downtown for a pickup. Will need drop off back to Ellerslie at the end of the night.
021-1345764 to contact if needed. --Bernard 16:57, 18 Aug 2009 (NZST)

The scribe notes indicate that you got a lot done last week. I'm as sick as a dog and unsafe to drive, let alone breathe near other players, so it looks like I'll be missing a second week in a row. As you appear to have resolved the tricky thieving and the language problem, there is no particular need for Faith, so she can just act as the fall-guy if someone needs to be blamed. I should be sane for next week --Andreww 11:49, 19 Aug 2009 (NZST)