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Scribe Help

I've been sick and virtually-illiterate since Wed evening (300 words in 5 days of work), so no scribe notes this week unless someone else steps up. Please. Someone needs to write up the stuff that happened in the 26 hours that Tari and Ibrihim were away anyway, and that's most of the exciting/info-rich stuff from last week. Thanks. Andreww 06:16, 15 October 2012 (UTC)

Oops - I see that Ian's already made a start - thanks. I won't be there tonight, so its just the elves and necromancers against the drow. How will we tell which side is which.

Playing Nights

  1. 11th Sept - not starting tonight but next week due to GM's prior commitments.
  2. 18th Sept
  3. 25th Sept
  4. 2nd Oct
  5. 9th Oct
  6. 16th Oct - Roderigo away due to cigars and stoogies, Ibrihim away due to ill health.
  7. 23rd Oct
  8. 30th Oct
  9. 6th Nov
  10. 13th Nov
  11. 20th Nov - starting at 8pm as GM selling his assets
  12. 27th Nov
  13. 4th Dec