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Adopt attribute

EM 300 Range Self Duration 1hr+1hr/rank Target Self Storage none Base chance 15%

With this spell the beast-master can adopt a single attribute of a known animal. Typically it raises an attribute for a single purpose eg a monkey tail raises MD for the purposes of climbing only, or hawk eyes raising PC to notice far off things, but not detecting ambushes (which may require spider eyes). This increase is 1+1 per rank. At higher ranks more fantastical attributes can be adopted. The attribute being adopteed manifests itself as the appropiate animal part replacing that of a beast master. Other attributes are gained at certain ranks. The adept needs to be familiar with the animal and it's attribute.

Rank 5 - Ordinary abilities - eg Wings for flight, gills to breathe underwater, claws, poison fangs, armoured hide.

Wings = Hover - ordinary TMR but can go up, down, left, right etc. Gliding - x2 Movement rate at light exercise. Sprint - x4 Movement rate at hard exercise.

Claws - As unarmed but base damage is D10 + 1 per 2 ranks

Hide/scales - 3 DR + 1 per 3 ranks.

Poison fangs - Close only unarmed but with the poison attributes of the critter.

Rank 10 - Magical abilities - eg gaze attacks, ranged attacks, magical defenses / resistances

Rank 15 - Awesome abilities - eg phasing , teleports, immunities.

Rank 20 - Chimera - Spell may be cast multiple times for multiple attributes.

Note the abilities is only a rough guide, the GM should base it on the potency of the ability being gained A common (20%) backfire effect is to render to attribute permanent as per a minor curse.


Ar-Chak is an orc slave. A native of Salamaca, Ar-Chak is unusally erudite, informed and knowledgable for an orc. It is not known why he chooses to remain a slave and not simply wander off.

PS 22, MD 18, AG 16, MA 8, WP 12, EN 23, Ft 23 PC 12, PB 12, MR 32

Skills Merchant 4, Courtier 2 Warrior 2 As a well travelled merchant familiar with many planes Ar-Chak knows many languages at around ranks 4-6.

Weapons As a warrior Ar-Chak is competant with most weapons (rank 3), those matching the orcish pysche he is an expert at (rank 5) eg glaive, x-bow, two-handed sword, unarmed.

Special abilities A very well travelled being, Ar-chak is likely to know something about anything, such knowledge is of 'a man in a pub told me...' level. Ar-chak is also unfazed by wierd sights or occurences, +25% chance to resist fear or fear type effects.

Ulvandor wildlife

Basilac gecko

A minuture basilisk. (PS 2, MD 18, AG 23, MA -, WP 8, EN 2 Ft 2, PC 8, TMR 2, pr 0, bite 45% d-7) It is the size of a large rat. It's gaze attack has a range of 10 ft and stuns the target (as per namer paralysis, includes those with resist pain). Normally found in packs.

Phasic spider

A large spider (avondale spider size) that lurks in a side dimension before leaping on its prey. While it cannot move while phased it is very well hidden and safe.

Necrotic Toad - A large pustular smelling toad with a 2 foot tongue. Anything struck by the tongue must resist a rk0 Putrescent Wound (D-4 damage, GNecro) Most Toad stats are 3 (AG 10, PC 10, Pr 0).