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General Comments

See also Rune 3.0

Left Field Idea

Tossing this out for general feedback, obviously lots of details to be worked through, but is it acceptable as an idea to move forward with? -- Stephen 07:17, 16 Mar 2009 (NZST)

How about abolishing Rune as a college and instead making it an alternate way of casting standard college magic. Instead of being a Rune Mage, you choose to be a Runic Necromancer or Runic Druid (or any of other standard colleges). NB This is a choice of Runic style OR Standard style. Probably 6 months retraining if you decide to change.

Differences from conventional mages
  • All Rune Mages have a Talent of 'Rune Mastery' which represents your mastery of the Runic method of performing magic.
  • Spell Preparation involves inscribing runes on the target or on something that will make contact with the target.
  • A Cast action charges and activates the rune-spell (FT cost when you cast)
    • When the runes are on the target the spell takes immediate effect.
    • When the runes are on something that will make contact with a valid target then the spell will take effect when the runes make contact with a valid target (provided it is within 'Rune Mastery' rank pulses).
  • Spell Preparation may not take less than one minute
  • Up to 'Rune Mastery' rank spells may be prepared and held by the mage, requiring a cast action to release them.
  • The prepared runes must be within (Spell Range + 5' / Rk in 'Rune Mastery') to be Cast/activated.
  • Ritual Spell Preparation adds rank in 'Rune Mastery' to rank in spell for the purposes of Duration.

Runes may be drawn with chalk, coal, ink, blood, or scratched on a surface. Any method that provides visible, defined runes. At the end of preparation and while they are 'Held' by the rune mage they will take on an Eldritch glow (visible by Witchsight) and will be usable even if the original marks are erased.

Tattooing the runes on an entity
  • Each one takes sufficient skin surface that there is an inherit limit on the number an entity may have (probably between 10 and 20).
  • They always count as prepared runes, means the Runic mage only needs to cast.
  • The FT cost comes from the target.

Ward and Investment work as is for Runic mages, maybe give them a slight BC bonus as they seem a better fit for the Runic style.

Counterspells work as is. Maybe allow a Prepared Rune to be countered by the appropriate CS.

The spells/rituals that are unique to Rune will be moved to the most appropriate colleges. Others will be dropped. E.g.

  • Rune Shield - Dropped, plenty of other defence spells in other colleges. Possibly look at changing Armour of Earth or Enchant Armour to have the armour instead of defence as per current Rune Shield.
  • Rune Ward - moved to Namer, either as a tweak to their similar spells/rituals or as a new one.
  • Rune Weapon - dropped. Plenty of other Weapon Spells.
  • Rune Portal - probably moved, not sure which college it best fits. Greater Summoner comes to mind but it's not a PC college.
  • Binding Elements - dropped. The elemental colleges have their own rituals to do this. Binders have a lesser version.
  • Etc...