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Um, Galleons are post-period, aren't they? Caravals/Carracks are the latest/best things about, except for the Destinians, who SINK other advanced ships on sight.

The main ships used by Eltrandor aren't on the Ships page - an oversight by me. I'm guessing they are Cog & Coastal Cutter types, this being most similar to the river boats they use in their large river/lake system, but I could handle then having Carracks/Caravels, if they are a cutting-edge sea-going nation. Large ships like Carracks (or Galleons) mean Eltrandor plan to drive some other nations off the high sea, and expect some pitched naval battles with other major powers soon. This is fine, but expect someone to respond in kind...

It seems to me that Galleons are not an option for any nation unless they (a) have got something on most of the Destinian Navy captains, and (b) we want to encourage further post-period tech.

Andreww 15:55, 9 Apr 2007 (NZST)

Actually as far as I can tell from a little light reading, while Galleons were used for and designed around warfare they were predominantly used as merchantmen. The bit I think it probably incongruous is that Galleon is pretty synonymous with cannon and we don't have those. Certainly the ship shape and rigging changes are fine within the campaign but I agree we might want to consider staying away from the word Galleon because of the connotations. Mandos 13:29, 10 Apr 2007 (NZST)

I think the key point here is that we have a document defining the ship types used in the campaign. From that document Cogs are the standard ships and Carracks/Caravels are the cutting edge ships in the Baronies/Western Kingdom, Galleons are the wierdo ships the (spit) Destinian pirates use and deny to any honest nation (not that we really want them anyway).
Assuming Chris wants Eltrandor to have a cutting edge navy then I believe the issue could be simply resolved by changing them from Galleons to Carracks and/or Caravels. And Eltrandor can be added to the list of competent sea-going nations (currently Ranke, Carzala, Flugelheim/Artsdorf, and Azuria).
-- Stephen 16:56, 10 Apr 2007 (NZST)

You also mention the Queen Angela's reputation & distinguished history in battle. Apart from the Destinians, who merely sink the opposition rather than fighting per se, the only other serious forces about that I'm aware of are pirates - Lord Azure's Black Fleet, the Sanctuary Pirates, and the Elven Isles. The pirates may get beaten sometimes, but the others don't get thumped much. We'll need to think about who they fought - and as the Western Kingdom had virtually no ports or ship comptency in the Re-Founding War of 793-795, we'll need to add some opponents & reasons for battle somewhere. Perhaps this could be discussed round-table at the CC, and elements for several nations tweaked to make it work better? One key question - is Eltrandor a real naval power, and if so, why?

Andreww 16:05, 9 Apr 2007 (NZST)

Yes the naval history needs some work but I want Eltrandor to have a real navy but obviously not one so illustrious as the destinians. More discussion for a CC meeting sometime

ChrisC 17:00 9th April 2007

Europeans started building ships which didn't sink easily to exploit the Americas since crossing the Atlantic was tricky. No-one in the WK wants to cross the ocean, since when they do it's invested with lizards and drow. And if you do want to cross the ocean you use magic. This will retard proper ship design. In fact since magic makes bad designs work I would expect Alusian vessels to occasionally have rediculously overtall castles. The other main reason for advanced naval warfare in Europe was that there was this island nation of pirates and the only way to challenge them was to build better ships. In the WK you can just walk your main forces to the enemy. Naval battles are even more of a side-show. The main reason for a navy would be to protect supply ships supplying your ground forces.



Eltrandor isn't ever going to have a real navy, the like of destiny etc but it will have an elite 'squadron' of larger than normal and more professional ships that will be called 'a navy'. The recent death of the Duke of Ranke on board ship solidified this desire of King Ronan to have a bigger better fleet.

ChrisC 10:45 14th April 2007