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How about a standard Character document format (I was thinking a well defined XML schema).

Then you wouldn't have to deal with DB's (though I know how easy then can be), Users (which is more of a pain).

Then the Character maintenance application can just be an easy way of validating, updating and producing the standard documents from this Character document.

-- Struan 08:51, 23 Sep 2006 (NZST)

I'm keen, an XML schema for dq characters is a fine idea. Then it is a standard for electronically storing characters, the online character sheet could use or at least support it.

XSLT to generate printable character sheets from the XML?

Wondering about the scope/size of the xml...

  • If a character has a skill, would you store all attributes of the skill (e.g. Subskills, XP cost per rank, etc) in the XML for the character or would it store the values specific to a character and need to refer to an external document ot get the skill details for ranking or recalculating BC's.
  • Would it store history (ranking, money) or would it be the current snapshot?

-- Stephen 11:48, 25 Sep 2006 (NZST)

(1) If this is a project for fooling around with tech, that's OK. It sounds like it, with the main specific requirements being which tech people want to use. On the other hand, if you are outcome focused, I'm happy to be the cynical, pragmatic person who says "that's nice and elegant, but this is simpler, quicker, ugly and works. Get your butt off that holier-than-thou tech pedestal and concentrate on the relevant deliverables". There is a title for those of us who do this for a living, but generally, we are called names instead.

(2) I'm happy to do some of the UI donkey work in XSLT etc (I'm 6 years rusty), although the finer elements of design are best left to other professionals - I think Martin is somewhat a UIer. I can also test stuff quite destructively.

(3) Note that XML without a structure won't meet some of the security requirements, but you can have an XML database, from which you can detach individual XML stuff. There are some nice ones out there, but I have a different software religion than the Project Owners, so can't suggest Open Source brands.

(4) Is this project supposed to be for the masses - i.e. maintainable by a community of IT-literate DQers, or is it supposed to be the cutest, most cunning stuff done by experts for the rest of us to wonder at? See Question #1.

-- Andreww 17:14, 4 Jan 2007 (NZDT)

I just saw this ... looks like something I've been thinking about myself -- --Keith 12:31, 8 Jun 2007 (NZST)

Keith, all ideas and able hands are welcome to pitch in.

Andrew, 1) Er Yes, a bit of both. Fooling around with Tech and hopefully achieving a goal. 2 & 3) I'm not one to evangelise XML as the sovereign solution, if it has a place or someone want to develop the XML schema then cool, I'm primarily planning on a relational database. But in the end whatever works best. 4) Yes! Like most good software projects, hopefully the result will be simple enough that anyone a little IT literate can tweak it, but under the hood it will be state of the art.

-- Stephen 15:46, 9 Jun 2007 (NZST)