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Which way round are the Five Sisters? c.f. New_Maps and Five_Sisters

--Kelsie 11:14, 31 Jul 2008 (NZST)

Could we please only have the known World - that is, nothing north of the DragonSpine mountains? Also, adding in Palithane between two oft-visited places seems a litle odd. This is a whole conversation that can't be easily resolved in the time-frame we have set for GM Guide production. Seems better to leave out the parts of the map not yet integrated into the campaign. ARW.

I have removed Palithane as requested.

I added the section from the Destiny write-up on 26 Alma Viva (Protectorait of Destiny)(trying to take into account) and changed the part on the Western Marches. I changed the map area of the north of the Western Marches to high country as you noted in your write-up for the area, and made it less accessable to the north by added forest.
I also added: 25 Tac, and referance to 33 Norden/Harbaal, 35 Swenway/Seldenbaal, 41 Finmark/Govyna

I am reluctant to remove everything north of the DragonSpine Mountains, but yes it could be done.

--Jono Bean 00:10, 12 Nov 2005 (NZDT)

I disagree with the removal. I suspect that if we make more of the world known more GM's are likely to use the area, allowing it to become better known. I know I wouldn't GM somewhere unless I had at least a slight idea of what was there and who GM'ed it.

Mandos 08:10, 13 Nov 2005 (NZDT)