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FYI, WordSmith DA'd an Utter Dark Elemental.

I believe Seren can summon them.

Moon Mages I can just see some Moon Mages rise in power as the moon waxes and the other half as the moon wanes i.e.

Light Moon: -25% New Moon 0% First Quarter +25% Full Moon 0% Last Quarter
Dark Moon: +25% New Moon 0% First Quarter -25% Full Moon 0% Last Quarter

Lunar Eclipses would also have an effect.

And if they were able to shove the moon around in it's orbit ... might explain some ancient records of eclipses not matching up. The moon probably should get a resistance check to being moved.

Just my 0.02

--Keith 11:33, 17 Jan 2009 (NZDT)

Those are vaguely my thoughts, too. However, rather than moving the moon around (which is truly epic magic, and might result in a nasty tug-of-war), I thought that it would be as if the moon had moved, for a number of miles around the Adept. It could still explain some unexpected eclipses (Gods actually moving the moon, bending light, or commanding other miracles explain the rest).

I thought that the altitude, size (closeness), and phase of the Moon could combine into a table that no player (or GM) need comprehend, but would give a range of +/- 25, with some more of the powerful magics requiring the Moon to be above the horizon, visible through the clouds, in a certain phase, etc. in the same way that Solar Flare requires the sun to be above the horizon, and some lycanthropy requires the Full moon to be visible through the clouds. I suggest that Solar Eclipses are an extra +25, and Lunar Eclipses stop all magic in the branch. As it is an officially extinct branch and it is unlikely that more than 50% of a guild member knows this branch, I am happy to suggest that its workings are complex. My current party, when trying to determine the where and when of a single putative Lunar Teleport spell, has resorted to animated gifs of Alusian maps, spreadsheets and purple crayons. If this is indicative of the complexity of this branch, I think we should all be glad it is no longer active.

--Andreww 19:46, 17 Jan 2009 (NZDT)