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Any reason why Krrf comes from Plaz'toro? The trade to Plaz'toro is primarily Destinian, and whle those nasty Ebolan thugs may have been involved in the drug trade, I can't see wht the drug would predominantly end up in Sanctuary. I'd rather that it came from Arabie - this gives a good reason for Sanctuary (& the whole of Ilsigi) being the primary destination. I'm happy to add another drug from Plaz'toro, but it would be predominantly used by southerners and Destinians (e.g. Bret and Destinian sailors), and a few nouveax riche in port cities.

Speaking of which, I'm starting to work on a drugs category - recreational, not buffs. Any ideas welcome. I've got pipeweed, krrf (and variants), snuff, and extract of poppy on my list so far, but more ideas would be good. Many adventurers are alcoholics, but none get on harder stuff, which seems rather odd. Adding a few temptations gives an opportunity for economic trickle-down and going adventuring to afford one's habit seems quite a likely situation. Thoughts?

--Andreww 11:26, 13 Nov 2008 (NZDT)

As usual I just made stuff up to get discussion going....feel free to change and edit as much as you like :-) --Mandos 15:30, 13 Nov 2008 (NZDT)

I'm very keen to see more under this topic. Not to forget that other, "softer", recreational plant extracts such as Tea and Coffee have significant impacts on trade, society, and the odd military excursion as well.

Ben Taberner

I've seen writeups for various forms of Lotus and Pipeweed in various systems which I suspect are adaptable. --Keith 13:59, 13 Nov 2008 (NZDT)

Belladonna and nightshade plus a couple of other herbs are used in a "flying" potion (induces a feeling as though one were flying). Then there is Kava, peyote and other plant based hallucigenics, not to mention animal excretions like arrow frogs etc. Ther was an urban legend about hippies/stoners trying to get a fix off of the gasses released from freash corpses. People still brew, eat, snort or rub on animal parts in the belief that these grant enhancements so just think what they would make of fantasticals anatomies, I mean you can already gain languages from drinking dragons blood. Michael 02:46, 1 Jan 2009 (NZDT)

All these are possible. I'm initially concentrating on those drugs that are commonplace and affect societal flavour. Krrf, Pipeweed, Snuff, and soon Poppy/Lotus/Opium, then maybe Alcohol, Coffee, as both come up in the game (far too much, in my opinion). I've kept the articles broad initially - pipeweed includes tobacco and hashish as variants, for instance. If you want to add others, go for it. It would be nice if you used the same section headings as I have (or invent better ones, and apply them to the existing drug articles), but the Wiki is there for people to stick stuff up, and others to tweak as desired. Ben, Keith, Michael, you've all proposed drug articles - go to it! Andreww 13:42, 1 Jan 2009 (NZDT)