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Ok this doesn't appear to have changed much so I will see what I can do.


  1. What level of adventurer should be able to sign up, ie how hard should the entry requirements be?
  2. What kind of benefits do we want from this, are the current benefits worth while?

--Mandos 14:43, 30 Aug 2007 (NZST)

Previous Discussion

Entry Requirments

  • Why the random factor? They must fulfil the entrance criteria for a particular regiment, and they want to be in the army. Why make it harder and much more complicated and arbitrary than that? - User:Andreww
    • I can see why it is "realistic" for entry to be a bit arbitrary, but are there good in or out of game reasons for it? --Errol 15:33, 10 Feb 2007 (NZDT)
    • Personally, any PC who wasn't an auto entry would qualify as an instant adventure need. Since Previous mil exp with Cazala counts as +10 this easily bucks them into the insatant catergory but they need that adventure (game) first.

What value would you set as the entry requirement? Mandos 16:46, 11 Feb 2007 (NZDT)

First step should be to reveiw the modifiers (e.g. is plains the only ranger specialty that should get a bonus? Are the racial mods still reasonable in the post DC setting?). Then work out the value required for the standard militia, and add a few points to make it worthwhile for them to sign up these people that want to sod off half the time. Make it clear to GMs that this value will normally get you militia only. The set value should probably be reviewed annually or so, in line with the campaign needs (and should probably be given a set expiry date, so if someone wants to join they will hassle the Campaign Committee to reveiw the number). I'm not sure that the number should be too low, they probably don't want total weaklings drawing pay when there is plenty of land to be farmed. --Errol 17:46, 11 Feb 2007 (NZDT)
  • I also think Orcs, Halflings and Giants may not hold Officer or Sergeant-major rank. No Orc or Giant should be an officer, as an officer is a gentleman. Hobbits are too small to be able to give orders on a battlefield. Perhaps Hobbits can be officers, but only in the rear-echelon. - User:Andreww

  • It appears that you have to make a Promotion Roll, you can get Promotion Bonus/Penalties, and Promotion affects your rank. However, I can't find wher it says "Roll 2D10 and roll more than 43." or whatever the dice and target are. Also, why is Promotion random? Does promotion matter to PCS? If so, it should be based on length of service and competance. If it doesn't matter, why make it so complex? Try something like rank = enlistment points + months of actual service. < 20, Private. <35, Corporal/Lance. < 50, Sergeant. Officers, similar. Time as an NCO doesn't count towards Officer promotions. If you want to get ahead, you have to get better ranks in stuff, and serve consistently. Sounds sensible/simple, and is reusing an existing mechanic.

Speaking of which, the enlistment points are kinda complex/long. But maybe this is OK? Andreww 12:59, 12 Feb 2007 (NZDT)

Andrew/Errol/Mandos, yes I'm still working on making this better. I'll do some more this evening and please review. Cheers Chris 12 Feb 5pm

Random factor
I'm also in favour of removing the random factors. Perhaps an entry point of around 16 gets you into the Militia, 20 gets you choice of Regiment (that you have the requisite skills for), higher amounts get you quickly promoted after the first 3 months using something like Andrew's suggestion for promotion.
And also some base requirements to gain entry at all. E.g. Must have rank in a melee rated weapon.

-- Stephen 12:23, 13 Feb 2007 (NZDT)


Some thoughts/suggestions, please add/comment on

  • +10 if a member of the Adventurers Guild
    • Is this redundant, as a PC needs to be in SAG to apply for special reserves? Any reason to keep it? {EC}
  • -10 if no military experience with Carzala
    • add variable mod for service with other forces (say 1-7, as assigned by GM) {EC}
    • also possible mod if an appropriate noble can vouch for you? (one of my characters has a 'chit' that would count for this BTW, not that he would need it to qualify). Maybe not worth adding complexity.{EC}
  • +1 for each full year in residence in Carzala (up to 12 years)
    • is this still as big a factor for Special Reserves as it was, with all the settler imports?{EC}

Unless I've taken a hit on the head this reminds me off the 'Traveller' character creation system. Could I be informed here of it's history if anyone still knows it. - William