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This is a variant of the Aztec and Mayan calendar system edited to fit various story requirements and the Western Kingdom 364 day year. Yes they really were this crazy in South America :-) If anyone else wants to do the maths just to confirm the Date for Beltane is correct that would be great. Mandos 19:58, 25 Dec 2007 (NZDT)

Correction of Cycle Length

According to my math, you've got a 365 day year as compared to the 364 day per year for the WK calendar. That right? --Keith 20:58, 28 Dec 2007 (NZDT)

18 months x 20 days + 4 days for Festival of the New Year = 18*20+4 = 364? --Andreww 01:40, 29 Dec 2007 (NZDT)

25550 / 70 = 365 days. I think there's an inconsistancy somewhere. --Keith 07:43, 29 Dec 2007 (NZDT)

Thanks for that Keith. I will recheck the dates are right for the start of my adventure. Otherwise the Astrology readings will be off :-) Mandos 09:43, 29 Dec 2007 (NZDT)

Late December

I'm struggling to understand the calendar. By my best estimate, Beltane 808WK is "1 Millipede in the week beginning 1 Millipede, 3rd day of Radiant Blooms in the Year 2 Azure Horizon".

Also by my understanding, the "in the week beginning 1 Millipede" isn't needed, as 4 Bat will always be in the week beginning 1 Termite, Bat being 3 after Termite". Ditto, the year number 1-5 is not needed, that being subsumed by the year name. From what I understand (which is presumably wrong), "1 Millipede, 3rd day of Radiant Blooms in the Year Azure Horizon" is sufficient to define a day. You may need to do a bit more explaining of how the calendar works otherwise. Also, are the four New Year "intercalary" days at the end of the year, after the 18 months? I assumed so, but... If it is useful and desired, I can then do an instant conversion page between Insel & WK dates. BTW, I couldn't get ANY day to be "4 Bat in the week beginning 1 Termite, 18th day of Gathering Dark in the Year 4 Midnight Rising", and the 23 week day names make the cycle 70*23 years, unless each year resets the week day name to 1 Monkey again. --Andreww 21:36, 29 Dec 2007 (NZDT)


Update: With the first day of the first week being Life, and using 115 years rather than 5, I now have Beltane 808 as: 1 Death, 3rd day of Radiant Blooms in the Year 52 Azure Horizon. I've been assuming that the 4 days of the High Holiday belong to a 'nineteenth' month, but that the 23 weekdays keep rolling along, as otherwise I don't get a cycle of 115 years. Is this true, or do the 4 intercalary days have no weekday - in which case, you may need to scrub your cycle? Also, when do these intercalary days occur? I've been assuming the last four days of their year (the first 4 days before the start of winter), but anything could be true - 1/season, at the start, or ...

I have 11 Death, 19th day of Forest Heart in the Year 51 Green Tempest as 4 days before Beltane 807, and 8 Elephant, 16th day of Forest Heart in the Year 51 Green Tempest as 3 days before that, as my closest matching dates to your description of Beltane 808. More clues needed, please. Or perhaps the IdF dates for a few more Beltanes closer to 641WK. --Andreww 19:08, 20 Jan 2008 (NZDT)

It seems that for evey year, Months 1,8,15 (Quiet Sea, Entrancing Power, & Thoughts of Darkness), the day of the week co-incides with the day of the moht - so you get 3 Monkey, 3rd day of Quiet Sea, 4 Bat, 4th day of Quiet Sea, etc, with the number repeated in the date for 14 days. I can imagine this happening occasionally, but if it happens 3 times a year, then the numbering of weeks and months are a little too closely linked? 10 weeks of 14 days = 7 months of 20 days, so it repeats every 140 days (reset by the end of the year). Is a tweak possible here? Maybe I have over-thought it, but if you are going with such a complex calendar, it had might as well be elegant as well...
Also, still stuck on getting the date right for Beltane 808. --Andreww 19:41, 20 Jan 2008 (NZDT)


Getting closer...
  1. The first four days (Samhain-3 Frost) are the special days (Day of Darkness, Day of Peril, Day of Salvation, Day of Light)
  2. The day names, days of the week, days of the month, and month names do not apply to the four special days, putting them on a 360 day cycle each year.
  3. The Names of the years are on a simple 5 year cycle.
  4. 23 day names and 14 days of the week = 161 year cycle (23*14/gcd(23*14,360). With 5 year names this gives a cycle of 805 years.
  5. Beltane 808 is 5 Life, 19th day of Forest Heart in the Year 167 Azure Horizon.