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Historical Info

It seemed odd to still have pre DC info on people on the Brastor page. If it is still required it is detailed below.

The following list of office and holders was current up until Winter 805 and the subsequent last 'Dark Circle envelopment and destruction of Brastor Holdings'. The status of these individuals is subject to some debate and decisions on their status will be made in due time.

  • Georgia Frothingham, - Steward of Brastor
  • Martin Harper, - Seneschal of Brastor
  • Timothy Drury, - Lord Justicar of Brastor
  • Nathan Arnsel, - Justicar of Brastor
  • Rick Hatton, - Justicar of Brastor
  • Claudia Jahn, - Justicar of Brastor
  • Francis Audley, - Mayor of Brastor Landing - Still Alive, retained his position and is supervising the rebuilding effort.
  • Rutger Bailey, - Mayor of Lewiston
  • Andrew Coeyman, - Mayor of Castle Brastor
  • Thatch Dawson, - Mayor of Emmitsburg
  • Stella Heydon, - Mayor of Soth Lending
  • Glenn Kinloch, - Mayor of Charity (Deceased) - His Son has taken over role as Mayor.
  • Ella Munsel, - Mayor of Westgate Deseased. New Mayor is Silanus Ausonius
  • Kate Owen, - Mayor of Tobintown
  • Geoffrey Robertson, - Mayor of Huglers Ferry
  • Garabaldi de Genoa, - Colonel of the 4th (Hugler's) Heavy Infantry

Mithril Mines

Can i query the "True Silver & Mithril mines" addition? This seems somewhat recent?

Given the scarity, i was wondering about the effect in the game environment, although first can i get a clarification on the terms. As according to Tolkien mythology Mithril and True-Silver are different names for the same metal (along with silver-steel and Moria-silver) and i've never thought of them as seperate metals. Is it accepted in DQ that they are different? Otherwise the description should be edited to one or the other.

Back to game implications, given the rarity and value of Mithril, would this greatly upp the importance of Brastor?

How extensive are these mines? If they are all but mined out/empty is greatly different from being highly productive. Another thought is the fact that the Dark Circle controlled the area for some years, and with legions of undead workers, i would have thought they could have worked out anything usable.

I was a bit surprised to see this addition, as we recently adventured there and being gree^H^H^H investigative adventurers this would have factored highly into ones plans of "liberating" the area ;-) Note my queries on importance, as you'd think Dwarves, Balrogs and all manner of beings would be rushing for these mines...


an aside: is there a way of auto-adding in your name/date/time when you make changes?

--~~~~ gives a login+time stamp. The signature button on the editing toolbar gives this sequence of codes. --Errol 20:58, 7 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

And herre I was thinking those were manually typed :-) Thanks Errol.

--Keith 21:27, 7 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

Interesting points. There was a discussion on the email list regarding the definition of each material, im not sure if they arrived at a single definition.

These materials are quest items, I would have thought a vein is located once in a blue moon in a mine. After all 12 pounds is all you need to create armour for a human

Terryintransit 23:39, 7 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

The mines are throught to be one of the reasons for the Brastor people wanting to re-settle Brastor at any cost. They have failed to re-take Brastor 3 times, and this is the 4th time.

The rumours of the mines are new 806wk. Some stories say that Brastor produced large amounts of it in 795wk. No one can say for sure if this is true. Others have said that the Mithril ore that comes out is of very small amounts - less than 1/100th of a pound per year.

At the moment (806wk) these amount to rumours and not fact on the ground.

--Jono Bean 11:45, 8 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

Ahhh ok, rumour, thanks for the clarification. Article reads better now.

Any more thoughts on Mithril = True-silver = Silver-steel = Moria-silver? I realise that while Tolkien invented some of this stuff it has been reinterpreted, especially by editions of D&D (that put Adamantiumn or whatever as better than Mithril), but as these terms have real DQ in-game effects it might be useful for when an item pops up.

eg: page 150 of the rulebook lists "Mithril" armour, but the notes say "Truesilvered armour... permits magic at no mod to BC". Similarily Armourer (page 114) only mentions Mithril.

In DQ Mithril and Truesilver are not the same. It is likely that Truesilver is more like platinum. Rare but readily available/mineable. Mithril is a near mythical metal that may only be obtained via a quest.

From the armour chart page in the rules.

1. Silvered Armour has the same protection – cost is + 30,000 sp. Permits magic at -10% to Base Chance. 2. True-silvered Armour has the same protection – cost is + 180,000 sp. Permits magic at no modification to Base Chance. 3. Bronze Armour has 2 points less protection – cost is the same. Permits magic at no modification to Base Chance.

This used to include gilded armour but that was removed.

Edit, added the following: Any iron armour can be silvered or true silvered. This is what the Permits magic at no modification to Base Chance refers to. The fact that the silver or true silver has dampened the effects of the iron.

Mithril Armour is not masked iron, it is mithril.

--Greg Graydon 10:30, 9 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

My take was always that Mithril is the pure metal, Truesilver is an alloy that utilisies small amounts of mithril to enhance silver. I presume the mix would be similar to Brittania Silver with the mix being 4% Mithril to 96% Silver.

--Mandos 10:49, 9 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

Also there are only rumours of mines so far. This could be a ploy to trigger a population rush to replenish people lost to the dark circle.

Axis 12:57, 9 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

The rumours may 'create a gold rush' like effect. This would expect to mean more people wanting to move thru Seagate and into Brastor, over the Summer 807 thru to early Winter 807 and then more people in late 807.

--Jono Bean 15:33, 9 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

I have added Mithril and Truesilver to the Wiki. I suspect the discusion pages for these items will provide a better location for discussing the nature of the metals.

Mandos 12:57, 16 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

Brastor Tribune

In-Game the SGT is a publication produced by the guild for the guild, it is not handed out to the general population of Seagate but the Duke and capable spies probably acquire copies anyway.

Is the Brastor Tribune intended to be (in-game) produced for the guild or is it for general populace? - those few that can read or just appreciate the Pg 3 pictures.

This makes a difference to the content that can be included and consequences of such content.

For example Engalton and Sabrina might turn a blind eye to Guild Members slandering them in the guild newsletter, but if the same things were handed out to anyone in Carzala with 2sp to rub together then it is quite reasonable for the publishers/editors/contributors to turn up irresurrectably dead.

If it is another publication for guild members only but with less respect for the truth then I'd suggest working with Jacqui and Keith and producing one actual publication half 'Times', half 'Truth'. And people can tag their contributions for one or the other as appropriate.

If it is a publication for the general populace then that is potentially a useful outlet for campaign info and flavour. And articles can be put in one or the other as appropriate. But I'd suggest co-ordinating with J&K for real world publication because two different newsletters to get (or not) at the guild meeting is a pain. Unless your plan is for electronic publication only.

-- Stephen 12:19, 11 Oct 2006 (NZDT)


"Sabastian was bestowed the title of Chief Architect by the rule group of Brastor in Winter 806, with the goal is to rebuild Brastor.

He has established large workshops, primarily in Brastor Landing, to support the reconstruction. These are staffed by his apprentices and other skilled workers. Sabastian is a master of the following skills and has worshops for each of; Sculpting, Painting, Mechanician, Weaponsmith, Armoursmith. Not only is be rebuilding Brastor is is ensuring it is rearmed and recultured. Most good product will be stamped with the symbol of a dragons claw.

The following people periodically provide their time

  • Blitzkrieg; a Master Military scientist providing guidance on the defence. A Master healing providing healing when required.
  • Callus; Master earth mage. Providing elementals, healing, wards against undead, earth enhancements to the workers.
  • Scab the Sasquach; blessing crops and unborn (when allowed). As a Master Ranger he assist with ensure the forests are safe.
  • Ty Trident; Master healer and professional fisherman. Providing training and healing when required.
  • Riptide; npc watermage running a barge along the river.

Between Winter 806 and Summer 808 Sabastian has devoted 42 weeks of his time to this task. Additionally he has donated 20,000sp to the construction, amongst other things the construction of his workshops and warehouses and art.

The construction efforts continue. "