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Thorn's euphemism of "Homesteading" seems to describe a signficant defensive work, on the order of Regis Keep or other major Carzalan castles for size, cost of building/maintenance, and political power. If I read the circusmtances correctly, she's essentially declared herself lord of everything within 20 miles and defied anyone to challenge her. Or do I have the wrong perspective on the 35' high 15' thick walls, concentric defenses, gatehouses, lake/moat, etc? Andreww

I believe that this has been addressed.

With the decreased threat of the Dark Circle the Duke's scouts started covering the wilder reaches of the Duchy again and met with Thorn's construction crew.

On receipt of their report, I believe the Duke sent a message shortly afterwards to Lady Thorn reminding her of her obligations:

  • to maintain (x) of the Duke's troops
  • to ensure regular patrols of the Plain of Desai and the coastline keeping them free of smugglers, pirates, bandits, etc.
  • to ensure the collection of taxes from residents of the plain of Desai and the safe delivery of such to the Duke.
  • to represent the Duke in promptly answering the request for help from Hope.

And of course to maintain the honour and integrity of the Duchy, look forward to meeting you again and hearing your progress reports at (social event).

I believe this is being managed by Jono as GM. Jono/Helen, please correct me where I have misunderstood or misrepresented the details.

-- Stephen 11:38, 13 Feb 2007 (NZDT)

Jono is the GM for Hope, he has had input along with several others, but Bernard is the overseer GM for the manor.
Thorn made inquiries as to what taxes where owing to whom back about the time Brastor was over run (again). Great & Wise man that the Duke is he offered her the 'vacant' title in return for her taking on the above duties and paying some 'debts' it owed.
He now has a loyal vassal (or her agents) watching the western lands between Seagate and New Haven and she gets the headache of Hope and the collection of Taxes from the lands out that way etc.

I hope she will be in a position to hold a hunt next Autumn, and of course a Hunt Ball

By the way the orginal tower of the Tower of London is 100 ft high and has walls 15ft thick in places.
--Helen 21:09, 13 Feb 2007 (NZDT)