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Anticipated Absences

Phil away 26-29 December. Game Tuesday 29th moved to Wednesday 30th.

Kelsie away 12th January (and all that week)

Thanks, Kelsie. Andreww 01:14, 29 December 2009 (UTC)

First Night Prep

The info I will ask on the first night is listed below. If you can prepare it in advance, it would be appreciated:

  • Name
  • Race
  • College(s)
  • Pact/Affiliation
  • Five Favourite Spells
  • All Master-rank Skills
  • Stats over 25
  • Typical Strike Chance and Damage
  • Typical Defence and Armour
  • Typical Magic Resistance
  • Five Passive Effects I need to know
  • Five Earth-shattering Items or Abilities
  • Three interesting Character Traits
  • Any history with Alloces, Aim, Orias, any Hindu Gods, Karma or Fate.

quick question

- Does anyone have an email and phone number for Sean English. Im trying to arrange the return of an item that Vychan is using that belongs to Callus, played by Ross. Send the information to be at terryintransit-at.yahoodotcom. thanks