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If you think that the heights of the volcanos are silly, they are only 60% of the height of Kilimanjaro, which occupies the same place in the African continent, and has a much larger effect on the weather patterns.

Is there a wacking great Rift Valley nearby as well? :-) --Errol 08:58, 27 Feb 2009 (NZDT)
Who knows? No one has gone to look! More seriously, I'll leave that for the next GM to take a party into that area, rather than defining large areas that I aren't using. Thanks for fixing the geo categories. --Andreww 13:09, 27 Feb 2009 (NZDT)
Hmmm there's an interesting idea - might follow that up ... unless someone else wants to. --Keith 13:15, 27 Feb 2009 (NZDT)

(adding here so there is more chance of Andrew noticing) Any more changes needed to Lands of Alusia for this? There is an Elven Lands sub-section/category.--Errol 14:53, 2 Mar 2009 (NZDT)