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Duchy of Tac.

The Duchy of Tac, is in the north eastern part of the Sea of Grass between Seagate and the Luna Empire and Alfheim. Tac is a protectorate of Alfheim. The duchy is highly magical with magic used in common daily life, and has a healthy population of over 250,000. Most people speak: Tac which is a hybrid of Elven and Common, also speaking other tongues like: Common, Lunar.

It is known to have some ties with the small free port on the coast to the south of the Sea of Grass, called Scuttlecove.

TAC is also the name given to the Tash Adventurers Council, that is in fact a guild of mercenary men-at-arms and mages alike from all backgrounds often skilled in the eastern ways and often with secret knowledge and magics from adventuring in the ‘Islands of Adventure’, but are more like a gentlemens club of adventurers.

Some guild members have speculated that the TAC guild member ship includes some well known greater summoners, and they have known to assist Koth Darkclaw from time to time.

The Seagate Guild maintains a dubious liasion officer at TAC, the blind and shifty shadow mage Ptolemy. Ptolemy is happy to point out the more dangerous areas of Tac, and relay other informatiom about Tac or TAC, such as he knows it, for an immodest fee.

Seagate Guild parties have run into them from time to time as noted in the Seagate Times;

  • Tac guild says no to closer ties - [SGT 10]
  • Tac party blamed for attack on guild - [SGT 13]
  • Tac guild helping Vampire in Erewhon - [SGT 16]
  • Tac party maybe behind missing guild council - [SGT 22]
  • Tac party blamed for attack on SGT - [SGT 50]