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Natural Habitat
Very Rare
1-2 (1)
Sylphs appear as human females, but have large, almost transparent wings. They are usually very beautiful.
Sylphs will aid a humanoid in need or befriend one to whom they take a fancy. If somehow coerced they will have a large treasure with which they may buy their freedom but it will usually be hidden on a mountaintop. It will be worth 2-3,000 silver pennies
Sylphs can turn themselves invisible, and they are usually able to sense a party's intentions towards them, and so avoid harm. Sylphs are also able magicians, specialising in the powers of the College of Air Magics.
Movement Rates
Flying: 700; Running: 250
PS: 10-13 MD: 18-22 AG: 20-24 MA: 18-20 EN: 9-12 FT: 18-20
WP: 14-18 PC: 18-20 PB: 21-25 TMR: 14/5 NA: None
Sylphs do not use weapons or attack. They use only their magic to defend themselves.