Swithan's Roughlands

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First explored by the famous Ranger, Swithan, the Roughlands have long been maintained in a virgin state by the Carzalas as a hunting preserve.

The coastal brushland which makes up the eastern part of the Roughlands abounds in Wild Boar while the wooded hills of the main Roughlands offer some of the best stag hunting in the Confederation.

The ghost of Swithan, who disappeared in the region 125 years ago and has never been found, is said to travel the Roughlands assisting lost hunters and travellers.

Within the Roughlands is a large swamp and bog which is 5 miles or so across. The swamp has a large large number of Evergreen Vine Trees and Spike root bushes. A mile in from the southern edge is an old human call Kathrine the Witch who is friendly with the guild, and has some skill with Leachs.

Kathrines Cave

To the south of the Roughlands is the village of Amber and the Fastness of Girwyllan