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Swansbog is a small village in a boggy valley south of Hightown in North-Eastern Artzdorf, whose main claim to fame is its peat industry. In addition, there are bog swimming races every winter, which have a certain local infamy. Swans frequent the numerous pools and fens of the low-lying valley. One of the major seasonal crops is the blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, huckleberries and lingonberries that grow extensively in its bogs.

A recent change to the local economy is the establishment of a small carpet-weaving enterprise by the innovative new lord, Adam of Swansbog. He is actively hiring halflings and nimble-fingered young ladies (and lads) to work in this new business. Already it has several orders from King Matthew, and from the surrounding manors. Several Gabrielite men-at-arms will be coming to work in the carpet mills over Summer and Autumn 811, as repayment for some mysterious debt of honour they owe Sir Adam. Investment in a dyeing business has also been hinted at.

People of Note

  • Darien the Reeve, the administrator of Swanbog.
  • Brian, the cook at the local manor.
  • Sir Adam, the rather foreign and odd gentleman who thinks he runs the place.
  • Aunty May, the fearsome conscience of the village. Bottler, preserver, and gossip.
  • Daisy and Biffo Proudfoot, respectable halflings and pipeweed farmers, with a great flock of children, nephews, nieces, etc.


It is rumoured that the Gabrielite inquisition of Order of the sanctity of knowledge will be visiting the estate in early Summer 811, perhaps the new master is a heretic and all living there would be judged by their master. Rumours abound!