Stone Elf Army

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32000 yeas ago, a great project was completed by the Dragon Roche and a great Elven Mage Foras to protect 5000 Elven warriors against an unspecified 'Time of Darkness'.

These elves were freed from their tomb in Summer 805WK.

They are typical of Elven Warriors, tall and agile, however their skin is made of stone and their strength is akin to a strong giant allowing them to retain 28+AG even with the armour and weapons they are currently equipped with.

Their weapons and armour are made of the same stone and are unusable by most creatures with a similar body shape. Their armour being strong enough that most non-magical weapons will not have a chance to harm them.

They are immune to mind, fire and illusion magics as well as the draining effects of undead.



The elves are seen disappearing into an area within the Plateau of Decay.


The Elves march and assist with the assault on Masada, they are seen after the battle heading east.