Star of Naggaroth

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Of this ancient Drow Kingdom, only a few pieces remain. The most impressive is the Star, a huge floating island shrouded in swirling mists and fogs that make it hard to see and accurately assess.

It is known to have sunk the Pride of Fingolfin.

Little else is known except that it has been pirating in the Isles of Adventure. Many believe it to harbour monsters with rumours of 'sea dragons' and other beasts trailing in it's wake.

It is 650 ft long and 100 ft wide.


In 806 WK the Star was attacked by the Flying Hunt of Lord Veltyn, Sabrina, Amber and Bleyze. It suffered catastrophic damage and is now a floating hulk outside Novadom. Not all the denizens were kicked out either...


Port Artz Mages Guild Research Team

A party of 6 necromancers and one namer from the Port Atrz Mages Guild. They are trying to learn about the ark, it's history and how to make it go. Comprising of Gav, Nev, Shazza, Garrack, Sheryl, Baz and Foam Upon Dreaming Waters they are very much a research team being ill equipped to fight off anything more dangerous than an irate spaniel. Collectively they are quite knowledgeable about magic and magical places. They're out in the wilds to learn about magic, get papers written and eventually advance to the status of master, at which point they'll send geeks out to do dangerous field research.

They can be found in the main command tower of the Star and promise to eat all the vegetables the Prince is sending them. Even the broccoli.


The research team was encountered by a Guild party in Autumn 807. The Party assisted them by removing a local spectre, scaring them about the guild and forcing them to accept and consume vegetables.