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  • GM: Miles Jackson
  • Time: Summer 813
  • Day: Wednesdays
  • Level: Medium - High

Da Guild Guys

  1. Dirk - a very strong dwarf warrior, military scientist (leader)
  2. Dwork - an orc fire blaster with a flaming glaive (second in charge and scribe)
  3. Theodonna - human namer with some healing (and some orc features - so she ain't all bad)
  4. Hamish - a witch boy (human)
  5. Zanak - warrior priest
  6. Christopher - a warrior with powers over cold and ice

Da Job

Got to locate a kalamar that is ransoming traders' kids in the Free Trade City. Lady Arial doesn't like that.
Other Kalamar don't like that either.
We're allowed to kill it if we can.
Pay: 50,000 sp (25,000 sp advance)

Da Short Story

  • Met a kalimar at the guild who gave us the job and a cash advance. Zanak spotted that one of the coins was an undead spy. Hamish trapped it in his urn, but released a banshee. Bugga. Bad Hamish.
  • Flew off to get alchemical stuff against kalimar magics and went to a crypt to get ingredients. Nasty undead grabbed Hamish because of the undead in his urn. He released them all at once and ran from the conflagration. Good Hamish. We went back in and killed one of the last two undead. Result: earthquake; Dirk and Hamish are each marked; a revengeful spectre is after us
  • Off to the Free Trade City where we investigated one of the teleport sites (a port warehouse), got some prisoners to interrogate, lots of criticals and a fried Hamish
  • The adventures of Dumb-Ass Dirk the Dwarf and the Famous Five. The Famous Five just about get themselves killed by following Dumb-Ass Dirk into an ambush staged by Xanthus the Necromancer Orc and the Greta the Giant Exploding Golem with the Basilisk Gaze and Marvellous Mallet. A farce really. Lady Arial is not pleased.
Before: It's only a woman. I'm not afraid of women (Dirk)
After: Dwork, I'm with you, let's get a new leader (Zanak)
  • After avoiding a third attempt to trap and kill us, we manage to frustrate the kidnap attempt - killing the demoness drow and driving off the ogress & undead dwarf. Oh - and Hamish set the port region on fire and Theo seems to have had an encounter of the unwelcome type. The dead demoness drow spirit thinks the undead dwarf has probably fled to the city graveyard with the skin changed kidnap victim.
  • Yes, the duergar was in the city graveyard with Falstaff’s son – as well as Xanthus, an elvish banshee (the necromancer’s real boss), a pack of undead (large and small) and wolf headed golem (with a BIG over-bite). We create the best laid plan – which kinda of worked. Kick Ass (formerly Dumb-Ass) Dirk and Christopher got up close and personal with the command cadre, while the rest of us played with the rabble (ok, Hamish died again – that didn’t work very well).
  • We head out into Valar's territory and run into yet another one of Valar's mercenary bands
  • We swim down to a submerged temple complex (luckily it was not flooded). Amongst other things the complex contained a room full of combative golems (we ran), a chamber full of chaos imbued statues (who seem to have lost their spirits – we ran) and a library with an angry ethereal elvish librarian (we ran).
  • We found the concealed entrance to Valar’s stronghold – and in we charged – and found ourselves totally overmatched (they knew we were coming). Behind a line of powerful minions we glimpsed Valar wired up to a shadow filled globe – constructed of the materials that he had gathered as kidnap ransoms. Into the globe flooded kidnapped spirits – including the spirit of Lady Arial. As we teetered on the edge of party death (and the Free Trade City teetered on the edge of new leadership) things looked bleak.
  • Zanak saved us (and probably the city) triggering a miracle hard won on a previous adventure. Time stopped - as a miracle happened. The spirit stealing machine malfunctioned, freeing the unharmed spirits - free to take out their anger on Valar. His terror-filled screams echoed and diminished they took him somewhere I don’t ever want to go

Da Long Story

Guild Meeting

The daughter of a Kalimar merchant of the Free Trade City was kidnapped.
When she was not ransomed she was executed - permanently.

Cranok (a kalimar - representing the Kalimar Kouncil) and Drisik (a small blue goblin/demon/imp) tell us it is a kalimar (Valar) that is kidnapping trader children and getting a 100,000sp ransom - on a weekly basis. This is annoying Lady Arial (because it interfers with trade) and the Kalimar generally (because it is one of the few places they can trade freely). We get 50k sp if we locate this kalimar (so a kill squad can go in) or get a bonus if we are the kill squad (a permanent improved mind cloak)


Valar appears to specialise in accurate short range portalling (punching through the Free Trade City's anti-portalling magics). Some sort of mind mage (of course) with necromatic and psionic abilities. Wears a silver mask, gauntlets and boots - sex unknown. Known lieutenants are a 1/2 ogre, a drow/lesser demon and a 1/2 devil.

Valar was first seen in the Free Trade 6 months ago. Started kidnapping 8 weeks ago (one a week). Cash in 24 hours or kill. Victims held in stasis. Seven merchants have paid and got their kids back. One didn't pay the cash but paid the price - got a chaos imbued, unresurrectable corpse back. Portal tracking showed a number of short range hops (explosive devices thrown through the portal tracks first killed only low life hirelings). It appears Valar can punch through teleports from 20ft to 5 miles. It's thought that his/her base of operation is on this plane within 5 miles of the city.

The next kidnap is likely to be in six days (on Moonday, 7th of Meadow).

Coins and Chaos

Drisik and Cranok leave the 150,000 sp advance and leave. Zanak takes a close look at the cash (true seeing) and one of the coins is actually a small silver chaos imbued beetle. Theo DAs it as a listening device and puts down a counter to stop it teleporting. The priest heals the chaos taint - and a black vapour arises and enters Zanak nostrilly. It now has an undead aura - undead chaos sprite.

Hamish pulls out some sort of urn and the little tiny undead is sucked into it - and a BIG nasty greater undead takes it place. Guild alarms go off in all directions - as a Banshee materialises in our midst. Yes, Dirk and Christopher kill it, but it is a good thing for Theo's counters. I spend half the night healing the drainage (no - not the plumbing). We consider if we can stuff Hamish into the urn.

Divinations reval that the beetle was a spying device - had a psionic farsensing but had not been active in the last 8 hours. It had a natural camouflage ability (put it with a bunch of coins and it would change to look a like a coin). The beetle (p.o.o. Karena) had been infused with an undead demonic sprite.

The sins of the father
The tears of the mother
The children will pay the price

They walk in shadows
But you cannot touch them
But you can feel them

Clorox the Alchemist

In the morning we fly to Fastness of Gwilion to see a highly skilled mad dwarf alchemist. Drisik recommended him as the best guy to make some protections againt kalimar magics (mind and psionics). We need to go to an ancient kalimar graveyard/crypt and collect grub worms and crysallis to make potions and amulets. Seems nobody returns from the crypts - but off we go.

We return from the crypts (a little worse for wear) and Clorex spends two days making potions and 2 amulets. He's a really good mad dwarf alchemist.

On the evening of Frysday (Day 4) we contact Drisik to take us to the Free Trade City

Crypt Grubs and Crystallis

OK, the crypts are really crypty. Knock-out gas trapped stairs descend from an entrance between a pair of big scary kalimar statues. Lots of undead rats whose bite paralyses. Fireballs clear rats, but come back to burn. Ice walls cast to block musty corridors - that also appear else where. Our magics are being returned back to us. An armoured skeleton in black armour that cast no shadow. A female spectre that drains like a run away horse.

We hold our own with Christopher's long range healing, Theo's counters, Zanak's various protections against draining and chaos and the dwarf's ability to take damage from the Knight. I get up close and personal with the lady - she just about gives me the kiss of death. Hamish keeps asking can he open his urn and try to take them, but who knows what would come out this time? Instead the undead take Hamish and his urn - and disappear. Go figure. Apparently she (the spectre) likes the Undead lord that Hamish is holding. Well, when Hamish finds himself alone with the Lady and her Knight Consort he lets them all out. The lady doesn't know that when this happens, the released undead attack everthing EXCEPT Hamish - who runs like an undead rat. She gets what he urned.

We charge back in, hoping to get there in time to kill the last undead standing, but arrive a little late - but still charge in to take out the Lady and her Consort (they're weakened by the combat they just had - but no pushovers). Christopher dances with the lady. Dirk damages and Hamish finishes off the Knight with a flaming arrow - and receives a death curse (an earthquake arriving SOON).

We charge back out. We grab what we can, but I linger a little too long for one last grub and get killed by a slab of crypt ceiling (there goes one of my resurrection eggs). Theo grabs a crystal heart - and also gets badly damaged.

Clorox tells us he can sense that the spectre has fled, so a quick trip back to Seagate lets us employ a earth mage tunneller to get as much loot as possible.

Later, Zanak spots that Hamish and Dirk have been 'marked' by the lady

There is a 25,000 contract on this entity - that will be paid

Undead kalimar signature. Allows long range detection. The Lady will have her revenge (or die trying)
Dirk complains that the reward is too low.
Hamish fingers his unloaded urn (the best type of urn)

Goblins in the Dark

Got to the Free Trade city and discussions with our employers reveal there are 4 potential victims. each victim is the favourite child.

  • Falstaff (Dwarf) has a son called Gorlick (aged 7). Ransom would be in unusual cloth.
  • Alma (Human) has a son called Valcan (aged 9). Ransom would be in gems.
  • Embrulio (Drow) has a daughter called Asta (aged 15). Ransom would be in mithril.
  • Tadimar (Ogress) has a son/daughter (how do you tell) called Zeanne (aged 12). Ransom would be in unusual metal. Tadimar is in charge of the mercenary guild.
Investigations Start - at one of the teleport sites - a port warehouse

Hamish was able to talk to a rat that remembered the events last kidnap (just like Hamish would) An Ogre, elf and some sort of dwarf went through - and 7 hours later came out with a parakeet in a cage - a skin changed kidnapped girl. Apparently they headed off to the docks.

We paused for an ancient divination and were attacked by a goblin death squad from the back of the warehouse.

  • Our leader has acknowledged his ineptitude in not checking for other entrances into the warehouse (the orc would have checked). So the legend of Dumb-Ass Dirk is born.
  • Christopher and Dirk ended the fight by teleporting up to the mezzanine floor to the bazooka launchers and crossbow goblins and taking care of the opposition
  • Hamish got killed by a large grenado (while we were taking care of the ice wolves).
  • Dirk took 5 criticals with a dodgy teleport. Goodbye right hand.

We have two shaman (one live and one dead) with their 'living' staffs - and a couple of other goblins to interrogate. Searching the warehouse and assorted bodies we find 1/2 of Dirk's missing hand. poison vials and two amulets - as well as 4 intact goblin grenadoes.

In the hour before the whole warehouse is blown to flaming dust we find Dirk has also acquired a curse of Doom - yes, we get out by blowing a hole though the wall with a black fire goblin greando - and wild-fire/fire arc transport.

The Adventures of Dumb-Ass Dirk and the Famous Five

Xanthus: Well I know all their names and all their plans.
Obviously have nothing to cloak them from mind magics.
Can't locate them just now. 
I know, I'll just send Greta to find them.
They don't seem very bright

It is past midnight when we make it back to our shielded mansion.

Information - interrogation and messengers

The goblin death squad was hired by one Xanthus the Necromancer Orc. A tall poser that sometimes hangs out at the Spit Roast Hobbit. Other place he hangs out is the City's Graveyard (a special shielded area - stops any undead getting out to interrupt trade).

As 'day' comes, messengers tell Xanthus has been spotted fleeing to the Graveyard. We also learn that the Ogre/Dwarf/Goblin/Parrot group was spotted in the past heading up a river that goes to the Drow territory.

Other messengers give us information about Kalimar that have gone 'bad'

  • A male (unpronounceable name) – into politics, wants to be #1
  • Vernix a female: killed and ate her husband/partner
  • A young male Vulcan: no psionic powers, but many other powers

We spend the rest of the morning repairing and healing - various curse removals. Hamish mislaid his greater, so he gets a fast replacement

Greta the Giant Exploding Golem with the Basilisk Gaze and Marvellous Mallet

A goblin messenger arrives at the door with a message that there is a very large, smelly cloaked lady asking has anybody seen US (by name). Very odd.

Our fearless leader fearlessly ignores all caution (he ignores my advice to pick our meeting place - a place with lots of room and cover), Nope, what harm could a woman be?

Dirk strides up and meets her in a narrow street. She’s well over 7ft, big boots, leather armour, dark glasses, huge hammer. She says ‘Surrender and come with me’. What harm could a woman be?

In addition to the eyes (which turned me and the priest to statues) and the hammer (which turned me and the priest to dust), Xanthus (occupying the golem) cast a variety to party killers: Agony (slowed), Noxious Vapours (-20 strike), Mass Fear (bad) and a Spectral Warrior (against Theo).

We were very lucky to escape at all. We squeaked through by blinding the golem AND Xanthus (flash of lights). Christopher probably avoided the party wipe by jumping on the golem's back and reducing the blast effects.

Lady Arial’s peace keepers arrested us all for the damage caused. Her binders charge us 2000 sp to gather Zanak and my dust.

Lady Arial is NOT pleased ...

...but she summons a Demon (Death!!) to fix Zanak and me.

Dumb-Ass: What does the Demon want? I do feel slightly responsible.

Luckly Mr Death either wants a year of service OR to rid the City Graveyard of a necromancer called Xanthus (Death doesn't like necromancers). Guess which one we take? Because the binders couldn't find all of the orc dust, Dwork is now 5 ft tall - close to Dirk's height. Not happy.

Tomorrow is the next possible day for a kidnap. We plan our moves.

Shooting Fish in a Barrel (with a Barrel)

We plan through to the early hours. I check the windows and can't see out. I say we're being attacked.

Dirk: I know when were being attacked and we're not being attacked. 
Stop being paranoid.

The party powers up, we hear a rumble - and the house begins to collapse on top of us (well, the whole cliff wall it is built into collapses). We flee to the narrow secret escape tunnel (ha!) - down steep stairs to the port exit. NO, it is blocked by fallen rock at the bottom (too). Yes, we are trapped Dirk.

The tail-ender is beset by six web spitting, life draining undead spiders - luckily it is Zanak. I wipe them out with repeated corridor filling fire balls. Theo spots an amused undead dwarf behind them (an incorporeal/ wall walking spider summoning b@st@rd). He is really amused by the barrel he rolls down the stairs - really a giant size concussive grenado. We aren't.

I go gaseous (potion) and follow Theo (in her rat form) through the port exit blockage - followed eventually by all except Zanak (who has plenty of gas, but no potion). Theo and I do our symbotic talking thing - horrors, she has been trapped by an ogress in a small magic cage with a bunch of other rats (they were waiting for her). I emerge (past razor wire strung across the exit) and slowly follow the ogress through the bustling wharf to a barge - where a staff wielding drow is waiting (probably for the dwarf). Theo divines that the drow is actually part demoness. I get on the barge to attempt a rescue. Xanthus is seen on the wharf.

Hot Time In The Old Town

The others emerge and get onto the barge quickly - Hamish and Dirk fire arc (the resulting explosion setting the barge and some of the wharf on fire); Christopher appears in the drow's shadow and executes a perfect attack - executing her immediately (POP!). Hamish, Dirk and I engage the lightning wielding ogress. She kicks the cage in the water and jumps after it. I follow the strangely floating cage along the side of the canal.

Xanthus is nowhere to be seen as Dirk grabs the demon staff and and the boat explodes - blowing most of the party unconscious into the water. A dog-paddling Hamish spots the dwarf arriving with yet another rat (a kidnap victim we presume). The dwarf isn't laughing now! (just fading out and disappearing)

Theo is returned to us by a smirking were-rat named Carver. I got some hints on my symbotic link that the rescue was not without cost. Theo won't say more. Zanak is still in the tunnel - hoping for a were-rat to rescue him.

When the peace keepers arrive this time and arrest most of the party. Sigh.

Eventually we learn that

  • Falstaff's son was kidnapped that morning
  • The Staff is tainted and 'stuck' to Dirk (we could cut off his hand, but Hamish urns it instead)

Lady Arial's pet necromancer questions the drow demoness' spirt and we find out:

  • Velor's base of operations is beyond the area where the underground canal has collapsed
  • The Ogress is an earth mage (good at collapsing buildings we think)
  • The Dwarf is an undead illusionist, good at rune magic
  • Velor is bulding something important - building it with the ransom materials
  • The spirit thinks that the dwarf will probably go to the graveyard with Falstaff's son

Grave Affairs

Valar’s forth ambush foiled …

… by spending the briefest time possible at the Spit Roasted Hobbit – healing and rejuvenating. Squeezing out the inn’s back passage, the sounds of the combat are heard from the front room (a gang of orcs and with a pack ‘unusual’ creatures apparently).

We travel through subterranean corridors …

…to the last resting place (ha!) of the city’s rich and famous. Except for Hamish, we all change in to rats (potions). Hamish goes for were-rat form (I was tempted). Carver changes from a captive to guide – and we follow the little lycanthrope through crumbling crypts and tiny tunnels to get within crystal spying range of Xanthus’ mausoleum.

The whole structure is warded with demonic hellfire, the ground floor is guard by a huge four eyed undead spider and a number of smaller of undead - Xanthus and an elf banshee are down the stairs. Below them there seems to be a golem manufacturing area. Also, our favourite deurgar seems to have got himself nailed to the wall - so sad. (We never got a chance to spy the mausoleum’s top floor.)

The Plan

Dirk and Christopher can see through the crystal into Xanthus’ quarters, so they’re going to teleport themselves there, while I'll cast wildfires on each of the rest of us (one-by-one) - who will race in to help the shock troops. Of course we’ll be moving too fast for the ground floor front line to stop us. We devise a detail plan (hell-fire suppression, quickness and the rest).

The Execution (that has an ominous sound – doesn’t it)

Dirk and Christopher make it in. The spider resists Hamish’s urning. I cast wildfire on Hamish and off he goes. Hamish doesn’t resist the spider’s multiple magical attacks – and dies. Turns out we weren’t moving tooo fast.

Dirk and Christopher battle on underground. Dirk nets and eventually kills the banshee (who didn’t get a squeak out) before a huge wolf golem grabs the dwarf in its teeth and shakes him vigorously. Not looking good. Luckily Christopher finishes off Xanthus - and then does the honours on the wolf. The kid in skin change rat form is rescued. Kick Ass job done.

They lean heavily on their weapons, bleeding and battered. They ask politely ‘… gosh - where is everyone else?’ (not!)

Well, the rest of us had more than enough to keep us busy upstairs. Zanak led the giant spider way away out in the graveyard, while Theo and I clear out the rest of the undead.

Carver is nowhere to be seen – but returns from the top floor with his other girlfriend (Kalera) – a spectral rat from upstairs that owns this mausoleum (she mustn’t be spectral ALL the time). Carver and Kalera drive off the giant spider and dissipate the remaining banshee essence – all so Carver can have some time alone with Theo. So sweet. I resurrect Hamish (there goes another item)

  • Valar doesn’t smell like a kalimar – but he IS male (Carver)
  • Valar put up the demonic hellfire barrier yesterday (Kalera)
  • Failure is not an option to Valar - as he ordered the ogre to kill the deurger (Kalera)
  • The forth ambush party left from here earlier today - orcs and 'strange' creatures (Kalera)
  • Carver is a two-timing rat (Theo)
  • Theo recognises Kalera as the former rat queen - her predecessor
Question: is lycanthropy an STD?
Playing with the Golems

Theo has some deep and meaningful discussions with Kalera and Carver (take that as you may), while Hamish and Dwork stay on the lookout at ground level (well, underground is choked with noxious vapours aren’t they?).

Zanak, Christopher and Dirk find lots of alchemical loot and a nasty sentient golem head - that takes over Zanak’s mind and cruelly uses his body to wreck devastation on his fellow looters. C&D seem to enjoy attacking Zanak’s possessed body, which eventually dies of a heart attack from the strain of it all. Watching all this from the stone head Zanak manages to repossesses his body, while Dirk uses one of the Crypt ‘body mend’ potions to mend the body.

All good.

Rat Affairs
  • Dirk smells a rat: it just seemed all too easy that we have recovered the kidnap victim so easily. Yup, the skin changed rat is not a Dwarf – it is a skin changed Basilisk type creature. Bugga. We keep the rat for future use.
  • Hamish is now a were-rat - and can turn into a rat
  • Theo has learnt how to control rats - yes, she can control Hamish

Interlude: Back to the City & Travel

We pay 100sp a day to the Dwarves to stand watch on us - while we have some much needed R&R. Theo divinates herself (she has been dilly dallying a bit recently) and discovers she cannot harm Carver or the Rat Queen (compulsion) and she has some form of Empathy with the rest of the party. Odd.

We check out our loot - and make plans and preparations to head up canal to Valar's territory. Carver offers to guide us (humm).

We travel a day through tunnels lead by the smiling rodent-kind - and finally get to a darkened water-filled temple. Now Carver happens to have a variety of potioned skin changes which he will sell us for (wait for it) just 1000sp each! Dwork and Christopher go for a barracuda, Theo stays as a rat and the rest go for large frogs.

Scouting reveals a tunnel from the canal into the temple (with a walking ogre trail), a spiral staircase leading downwards and a tunnel protected by a large squid that leads to what appears to be a staircase guard room (filled with trident and net wielding sahuagin - aquatic humanoids).

We plan our approach and we check out Carver’s supply of pills and potions – he has lots!

  • Recall potion: 6@10,000sp (recalls body to Carver if we die in the next 1 week)
  • Water breathing: 12@1,000
  • Waters of Paralysation: 3@500sp (megahex)

Zanak bargains for cheaper prices

Zanak: I’m a priest you can trust me
Carver: Can I sell you a little boy?

Theo checks out the sahaugin through a crystal ball. The four fishy-folk are a very skilled (warriors, magician and assassin) with a variety of magic items.

Sahaugin Assault

We plan and replan - none of us are happy with a frontal assault and it is only a matter of time before a Sahaugin patrol spots us - and then it is all on. They come after us.

Dirk (in gorilla form), Zanak and Christopher (with a trident of his own) sink to the flooded temple floor and engage a four-armed and two-armed sahaugin, while Theo, Hamish and me stand on an ice wall that Christopher cast on top of the water.

  • The sahaugin mage is dangerous – Dirk and Zanak save against Waterspout and instant death (thanks to Theo's counters)
  • Mr 4 armed is dangerous – immensely strong but slow moving; he sticks his trident right into Dirk and triggers a lightening bolt. Dirk only just manages to dislodge it before it is ripped out of him. Dirk does a great job as a meat shield holding this guy at bay!
  • Zanak holds his own against Mr 2 armed and eventually kills him
  • The invisible assassin is dangerous – emerging onto the floating ice wall and just about killing Hamish (Theo manages to stabilize him)

Luckily my hellfires drive off the mage and the assassin, and help Zanak down below. Between them, our submariners managed to drive off Mr 4 armed. A final trident strike by Christopher makes the big guy blink away.

Into the Frypan

We swim down the spiral staircase, not touching any walls. At the bottom was a translucent barrier that blocked the water (and would have done some damage as we went through without the right counters).

Dirk and I destroy some random wandering skeletons, but we refuse to go into a large ritual chamber with a swirling gate at the other end. The gate didn't worry us sp much, but the eight chaos imbued statues did.

Further investigations reveal a room with four possessed golems - possessed by ancient warriors, just spoiling for a fight. Dirk grabs some sort of key concealed there before Rat boy Carver was able to give us a message that the statues were activating, so we got a move on.

Had a quick visit to a libary with an angry ethereal elvish librarian - she was really annoyed about some overdue books.

We find the concealed entrance to Valar’s stronghold and force our way in – using the key and setting off numerous alarms. Not a good idea - Valar was good and ready for us by the time we got to him. I put it down to bad leadership really.

Into the Fire

Six buffed up, heavily armoured orcs and a lightening enveloped ogress block our way. Valar is wired up to a shadow filled globe behind a translucent barrier. Into the globe floods kidnapped spirits – including the spirit of Lady Aerial. Not good.

Us? Well, Dirk had gotten goblin snot spilled on him – spilled by accident by Zanak (well, I think it was an accident). Not too bad you say – but this snot removed all his magic. Dirk is only half the dwarf he usually is (which is saying something). He went down pretty quickly. Christopher was going man vs ogress – and would have probably prevailed (just). I was blasting fire – but they are well protected fire armour. Hamish is, well, firing his bow (go figure) while Zanak is my meat shield – not a very good one. Theo is countering everything she can counter.

As we teeter on the edge of party death (and the Free Trade City teeters on the edge of new leadership) things look bleak.

We need a miracle

Zanak saves us (and probably the city) triggering a miracle hard won on a previous adventure (not sure what the Witches took from him, but I’m sure it was hard won)

Time stopped - as a miracle happened.

The spirit stealing machine malfunctioned, freeing the unharmed spirits - free to take out their anger on Valar. His terror-filled screams echoed and diminished they took him somewhere I don’t ever want to go

Miracle Rewards

Luckily Dizzit (remember him? - not sure where he had been spying on us from) grabbed a small chest which had lots of potions, some explosive crossbow bolts and 5 books - overdue books from the library.

A grateful Lady Arial gave as a huge gem as a bonus and the Spectral Librarian was so happy at getting her books back that she let us read some books that improved a variety of our skills. Sweet.

Christopher and Dirk (mainly) spent a couple of days improving their combat skills with the golems – Dirk only died once.

Zanak prayed to Ahura Mazda to judge his virtues: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds. The diety appeared in the form of a small girl (perhaps to remind Zanak of his failings), but seems to have judged Zanak worthy - as the Zoroastrian Mage was granted a new power - the ability to manipulate gravity.

A miracle indeed.


Summer 813wk: Meadow
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane

Full Moon

1 Guild Meeting 2 Clorox and the Crypts 3 Alchemist brewing 4 Alchemist brewing & off to Free Trade City 5 Goblins in the Dark 6 Greta the Golem
Moon1.jpg 7 Kidnap & Graveyard 8 R&R 9 Travel to Valar 10 Temple Assault 11 Golem Play 12 Golem Play 13
Moon2.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon3.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon0.jpg 28 Full Moon 29 30 1 2 3 4
Summer 813wk: Heat
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon2.jpg 12 13 14 Midsummer Eve (Faerie Day) 15 Solstice 16 17 18
Moon3.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon0.jpg 26 Full Moon 27 28 29 30 1 2
Summer 813wk: Breeze
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon2.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon3.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon0.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30


Standard Buffs
  • Dwork: Fire Armour 40pts, Fire Proofing 7 hrs
  • Zanak: Coruscade 42 pts, Smite 18 pts, Rune of Healing 3pts for 8 pulses
  • Dirk: Mil Sci
  • Christopher: Mil Sci
Combat Order
  • Front – Dirk, Christopher
  • Middle – Theo, Dwork
  • Rear – Hamish, Zanak
Watch Order
  • Dwork, Theo
  • Dirk, Hamish
  • Christopher, Zanak
Death Register
  • Hamish x 2
  • Dirk x 1
  • place stil reserved for Zanak


Guild Meeting
  • 25,000 sp cash advance
  • Dwork, Christopher, Dirk, Zanak: 20 x Healing potions @ 500 = -10,000 sp
  • Dwork, Christopher, Dirk: 5 x Waters of Healing @ 700 = -3,500 sp
  • All: Rank 20 greater on all attributes (from Vila) @ 6,400
  • 60,000 sp
  • Heart of Skeletal Knight (cursed, turn to undead if die, regen 1/hr, +3pt EN. no dmg from heat, gentle glow)
  • Black Armour - made of baby skins (9 pt armour in dark, 7 pt is day/bright light)
  • Main-gauche (+2 dmg, +20% strike)
  • Rapier (+2 dmg, +40% strike)
  • 2 potions of 'Body mending'
Clorox the Alchemist
  • 22 potions (1 day protection vs Kalimar magic: mind cloak and +50% save)
  • 2 amulets (mind cloak and +20% save)
  • Grenadoes: Black fire (used), Yellow (noxious gas worth 5,000sp), Blue x 2 (6+d10dmg worth 5,000sp)
  • Paralytic poison x 12
  • Deadly Nightshade Poison x 2
  • Amulets x 2 (unknown)
  • Scroll tubes x 2: Rune Portal, Danum Magnacatum
  • Shaman Staff 1: enhances rune magic (cursed with 'Doom' - +20 on all die rolss) - sold: 10,000sp
  • Shaman Staff 2: enhances wicca magic (also cursed to teleport you to the 666 layers of hell) sold: 10,000sp
Greta the Giant Exploding Golem
  • Hammer of Shattering: shatters stone, Strength 30 + weapon skill to use)
  • -2000 Binders fees to collect Zanak and Dwork
  • -5000 Rechange Theo's ring of quickness (2 charges, rank 14)
Xanthus’ Mausoleum
  • Leather armour (Xanthus)
  • Armour of the Worm – lets you move through rock slowly (Deurgar)
  • Ring
  • Amulet of Luck +4/+6
  • Dagger
  • Petrification Poison
  • A book
  • Rat Skinned Basilisk-kin
  • Spider parts: Gems x 2 (Dehydration 1/day; Frozen doom 1/day), Eye Stalks
  • Alchemical loot: 90,000 sp
  • Dwarven protection money: -600sp
  • Potions of gaseous form x 6 @ 6,000: -36,000sp
  • Potion of Water of Strength Rk14: -800sp
  • Quickness Recharge @Rk18 x2 @8,000sp: -16,000sp
  • Carver skin changes -5,000sp
Sahaugin Assault
  • Strength Potions x 2 (Strength doubled, dexterity halved)
Valar's Stronghold
  • 15 x concussive bolts
  • Lady Arial's bonus: 100,000 sp gem


  • 6 x Rk10 Smite
  • 6 x Rk10 Armour of Earth
  • 6 x Rk20 Strength of Stone
  • 6 x Fire protection (50 pts)
  • 6 x Lightning protextion (50 pts)
Library Books
  • Ritual cast lightning strike (Christoper)
  • Improved Trollskin 3 pts/pulse(Hamish)
  • Protection vs Lightning (Zanak)
  • Heavens Wraith (Theo)
  • Increase stat cap (Dwork - willpower)
  • Increase stat cap (Dirk - ???)
  • Magical Knuckle Dusters (currently held by Zanak) From Cranok
  • Undead Staff (currently in Hamish's urn - 50,000 sp value)- sold

Treasure Rolls

Dwork Christopher Dirk Hamish Theodonna Zanak
38 - 2nd 43 - 4th 41 - 3rd 65 - 6th 64 - 4th 05 -1st

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