South Gate

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As of Winter 807WK
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South Gate is a small and pleasant town in the south of Carzala on the northern riverbanks of the River Regar. The main road continues south to the castle of Regar’s Keep. The bridge was completed in 803WK. The town hosts an annual goat and cheese competition.

Regar’s Manor: A mile west of South Gate is the local estate and holdings of the DeWinter family of Castle Chilton. The manor is run by the Lord Steward Danlaw, brother of the Chamberlain of Castle Chilton in Seagate. He rarely meets with guests or dignitaries, leaving that to the capable and social Lady Margo Danlaw, his wife since 793WK. Often for two weeks in spring or summer, the Baron of Stonesboro, Richard DeWinter, and his wife Lady Abal DeWinter, and other guests, visit for the hunting season. The manor has excellent grounds and a well appointed garden.

Local villages and hamlets that report to the market town of South Gate are: All Tye, Southhold, Dwarf Home, Broken Arrow, and Duntow Ruins.