Societies of Fun

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Societies of Fun

Adventurers don't exist in a vacuum no matter how much we wish some did. Adventurers do most of their damage in various societies, on the remains of societies or in the act of reducing a society to mere remains. Because this is a game these societies should be fun. An adventurer should want to interact, engage and desire to return to your fictional society.

But I don't care for their stinking village!

Or town, castle, orc burrow or whatever. Surly, uncooperative inhabitants produce surly, uncooperative adventurers. No matter why or reasoned or realistic the NPCs actions are the players will begin to wonder why they're helping these ungrateful so n sos and look the other way when the party scrote starts commiting felonies.

What did that NPC say?

People in strange foriegn places speak strange foreign languages. It however is very boring for any player if they have no way of meaningfully interacting with the locals. They instead look out the window, play on the laptop or set fire to the cat. It is best to cheat and have everyone speak common or shove babel fishes down their ears. Your cat will thank you.

Why do these demi-gods need us?

The PCs are the protagonists and as such should be able to contribute meaningfully to the action. This means that the PCs should be the ones doing the mission not watching some NPCs do it or wondering why the excessivly skilled locals are not doing it. The PCs are adventurers not tourists.