Smartest Adventurer

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  • Summer 805 – No Vote
  • Spring 804 - Axis – After realising that the magic item would turn into a succubis he tied the Book of Thoth to the item then sent it back to the Guild in an iron coffin
  • Summer 804 - Isil Eth - While fighting a ten headed wyvern flesh golem, she used a spell to turn it into a wooden boat


  • Summer 805 - TDP Roberts. There were two opposing items, one of mana, one of anti-mana and they could not be handled.. The requirement was to separate them. TDP came up with the idea of using a net and drag it out.
  • Summer 805 - Taynel – for solving the portal puzzle, deducing the location of the other portals in the pattern. Also for a clever method of getting around a pit, climbing sideways around the wall.
  • Summer 805 - Thaeuss/Penni – The party were on the top of a tower wondering where to go next. Those two thought to examine the toes of the gargoyles around the sides and located the tiny gold thread that was the next clue.
  • Spring 804 - Angel – used 1000 skyrockets to power a ship. There was a ship strength spell running
  • Spring 804 - Korash – Feigned unconscousness then leapt up to kill the bad guy
  • Spring 804 - Flamis – Using a fire arc to move the party to a more strategic location
  • Autumn 804 -Adam Vychan Jones - For standing in front of Flamis to protect her from the incoming missile fire while she prepared Dragonflames.