Slippery Rock

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As of Winter 807WK
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Elder Josephine Miskell is the leader of the coven and town. She is an elderly, kind-looking, human woman still in good health. She is famed for her wisdom and is said to be an Oracle of Knowledge, knowing much about the ways of magic. She seldom travels to court in Castle Chilton but is visited by the Duke, who considers her a friend and respects her council. She prefers to dress in gowns of locally made linen, even though her friend Lady Elisabeth DeWinter has made her gifts of more courtly attire.

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The small town of Slippery Rock was settled in 770WK by a community of idealistic white witches and warlocks. Although the town reports to Duke Leto, he has always allowed the coven to govern locally. He has actively encouraged both the Wiccan and the Slippery Rock communities. Most people within Carzala know of the coven and seek guidance and healing from them when in need. The coven also trains Wicca from the Seagate Adventurers’ Guild.

A small shop within town sells amulets (to order taking a day to make) as well as a range of herbs.

Local villages and hamlets that seek guidance from the coven are: Blight Ruins, Thok Ruins, Westwind Ruins, Tim’s Ruins, and Byson Ruins

806 wk

The Dark Wall is quiet for the first time in years and no 'horsemen or goblin or undead' raiders are seen in the area in Autumn or Winter 806.

805 wk

Men-at-arms from Seagate take over from the Western Kingdon Church Knights as the main guards in the area. The Duke stations around 2,000 men at the wall.

804 wk

Some Church Knights decide that spending time as toads has given them a new understanding for the area, and have decided to leave the coven alone.

803 wk

With the threat of the Dark Circle and the building of fortifications, the town walls of Slippery Rock have become the centre of the south wall that runs from Regar's Keep all the way to the Sweetwater at Arn's Ferry.

801 wk

Darkwall started.

800 wk

Agents of what is said to be 'dark forces' are driven off by the coven members.

770 wk

Coven started and settlement started.