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Military Department

Location: Guild grounds

The Military Department includes armourer, military scientist, warrior, weaponsmith, and standard weapons training and services.

Services: sale and repair of weapons, armour and general battle equipment.

  • The cost of training weapon skills is 10sp for Rank 0 and 10 x Rank2 thereafter, and is available to the maximum rank of the weapon. Only the weapons from the standard weapons list are available.
  • The cost of training other skills is 150sp per week, and is available to Rank 8.

Other Skills

This list covers the main training requirements of Adventurers. Training is definitely available up to rank 8; higher ranks are unlikely. Where the trainer offers other services members may be interested in, these are noted. The Guild also has arrangements with many other artisan guilds.

The cost of training other skills is 150sp per week.

Adventuring Skills

The Seagate Adventurers Guild

Primary Contact: various

Location: The Guild

While adventuring skills can be learnt on adventure, the Guild also teaches the standard skills:

  • Climbing
  • Flying
  • Horsemanship
  • Stealth
  • Swimming


  • Ice Skating (winter only)
  • Skiing (in Dragonspine mountains)
  • Cart-driving (Illusionists only)
  • ...


The Seagate Guild of Alchemists

Primary Contact: Hans Braunshelm

Location: Old Seagate

Services: Liquid analysis 50 sp, Medicines 200 sp, Antidotes 300sp, Greek fire grenados 1200 sp, Methane grenados 600 sp, Other potions made to order cost + 40 % plus 50 sp /day (adept buyer’s responsibility)


The Guild has made no arrangements for the training of the Assassin skill. Members must make their own arrangements outside of the Guild (and preferable outside of Carzala). Because this is an unlawful skill members are advised to take care when pursuing it.
Rumours abound that if a note is left on the Guild noticeboard enquiring about the cultivation of artichokes, your name will go on a list.


The Royal College of Astrology

Primary Contact: Mr Fredrick Toadswart / Sir Jas Randles

Location: Old Seagate


Strecker’s Farm

Primary Contact: Master Bowgone WormRider

Location: ½ a mile north of New Seagate

Services: training of horses or dogs (to Rank 7), cost is 500sp per month of training


  1. Adventurers Guild Kitchens (Ranks 1 to 4 only)
  2. New Docks Hash House (Ranks 1 to 7)
Primary Contact: Goody Baker
Location: New Seagate wharf


Hampton’s School for Young Gentlefolk

Primary Contact: Sir or Lady Gerald Carlsson

Location: Old Seagate

Other Skills: training in Embroidery, Weaving, Heraldry, Bureaucracy


Mrs Peters Herbarium

Primary Contact: Goody Peters

Location: New Seagate

Services: Potions and salves from common ingredients can be purchased over the counter for 20 – 50 sp per dose. Other preparations of up to Rank 6 may be ordered. The price is usually 40sp per day to prepare times 3 if the ingredients are uncommon or times 6 if they are rare. Goody Peters will attempt preparations needing very rare ingredients if the client provides said ingredients.


Clock House

Primary Contact: Goodman Hans Hansson (dwarf)

Location: New Seagate

Other Skills: silversmith, pewtersmith, carpenter Services: Designs for simple houses, bridges etc 50 – 100 sp; Locks or traps cost + 50%; Magical traps cost + 70%.


Seagate Merchant Syndicate

Primary Contact: Master Tor Albretch

Location: New Seagate

Other Skills: Spy

Services: trade goods valuations, information on trade routes and prices is sometimes provided on a tit-fortat basis.


Primary Contact Cathrin of Slippery Rock

Location: Guild Library

Services: Cathrin is employed by the Guild for copying and translating but she also teaches languages to guild members. She may also be able to assist members with finding trainers for languages unknown to her. Trainers are available for the following languages:

At any rank: Common, Drow, Dwarvish, Elvish, Erelheine, Destinian, Hobbit, Hill Giant, Lalange, Orcish, Reichspeil, Silent Tongue, Folksprach,

Up to rank 4: Lunar, Gnome,


Navigator’s Guild

Primary Contact: Capt. Dolf Skandorm

Location: Old Seagate Docks

Other Skills: Cartographer, Sailor, Shipwright

Services: Map copying, weather forecasting, passage arrangements


The Philosophers Society of Mittelmarkhaupstadt, Carzala Chapter

Primary Contact: Master Davern Eichholz

Location: New Seagate

Services: past philosophy students have access to their library that specialises in architecture, Power of Light theology, history and philosophy of Aquila and Midheim (research rating 4).


Foresters Guild of Carzala

Primary Contact: Dan Plainson

Location: New Seagate


Seagate Merchant Syndicate

Primary Contact: Master Tor Albretch

Location: New Seagate

Other Skills: Merchant


Entertainers Hall

Primary Contact: Master Carlos Windhoffer

Location: Old Seagate


Mehlman’s Pawnbroker

Primary Contact: Goodman Ralph Mehlman

Location: Old Seagate

Other Skills: Bureaucracy of the courts of the Western Kingdoms and Baronies

NB. Goodman Mehlman is not a known thief but assists Guild members by teaching the skill that is normally associated with thieves. Members are requested to be extremely discrete when using his services.

Kinlu Skills

The Guild has arranged a standing introduction for all trustworthy guild members to Kyoshi (master instructor) Gozi Kurushi of the Nishizaki Niten Ichi-ryu (sword school), due in no small part to the excellent reputation earned by his first western student, Pent.

The school can provide training up to maximum rank in several weapons, and up to Rank 8 in Kenjutsu. Students will have to seek out and arrange a separate personal tutor for Ranks 9 & 10 in Kenjutsu (but will likely have made useful contacts by then through the school, which can be used by their GM). Students will also find themselves immersed in the Erelheine culture and language, and it is recommended that a smattering of each is learnt, as the Guild does not guarantee students' safety if they offend their sensei or high-ranking visitors.

Students will have to make their own travel arrangements, and pay the school's training costs (which are somewhat more than normal Guild rates). The effective training costs will be at least twice normal, plus an initial gift worth some 500sp to Gozi-sensei - but no living costs are required: the school will provide a tatami mat in a student dormitory and feeds its pupils (though one may become sick of fish and rice).

The Nishizaki Niten Ichi-ryu is located in Nishizaki, a small town on a coastal promontory some 20 miles to the north-west of the Kinlu portal in Kyoshin. The town is largely centered around its fishing industry and its famous sword school for the children of Samurai families of House Tajin. The school is home to as many as 1,000 pupils at any time, ranging in age from 5 to 25 years, and primarily teaches the daisho swords (Katana & Wakazashi) and Kenjutsu (and its sub skills). Some pupils also study the No-Daichi, and there are also tutors available for Yari and Naginata.


Nishizaki Niten Ichi-ryu

Primary Contact: Kyoshi Gozi Kurushi

Location: Nishizaki, Kinlu

Only to Rank 8

Other Skills: Erelheine, Katana, Wakazashi, No-Daichi, Yari and Naginata.