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Nastiness Rating 8/10

The Beautiful Prince


Sitri appears as a large, muscular man with the head of a leopard and the wings of a Gryphon. He may also appear in insubstantial form as a man who is unbearably beautiful and well-formed or as a lovely woman of sensual mien.

Sitri has the power to enflame men and women with the love of each other and to cause them to show themselves naked and frolic with one another in unseemly ways.

Sitri is a lover of all things carnal and will encourage carnal activity at every opportunity.

Known Agents and Followers

Dilxae Baenath - The Fae Fallen Fawn

Valderin's Gate - Capital of Sitri's demonic realm

Priests and Churches

Activities and Known Interests


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

~821 WK Vassago has hidden prophecy in Sitri’s realm from all to halt Beleth & Furfur's incursions. Is sorry about unforeseen issues along the way. So sad.

Autumn 821 WK Not just a simple comb

Valderin's Gate - Capital of Sitri's demonic realm