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Silverstream is located where the Bluewater River meets the Silverstream River. The town occupies most of the space between the two rivers with Castle Silverstream sitting on top of the rocky point at the river junction. Baron Helmuth De Honore holds this land, including the town, for the Prince of Ranke.

The Arms of Silverstream is a blue background with a silver diagonal stripe. A silver tree is in the upper right, and a silver river serpent occupies the lower left. Most of the inhabitants are Gabrielites.

The castle was founded 200 years ago by Horace de Honore who was a mercenary knight and an Earth mage who fought a river serpent to claim the rock where the castle now sits. The castle foundations and the walls of the central hexagonal keep are Bound Earth. The Castle also contains a secret portal to one of the Faerie Planes.

Baron Helmuth de Honore is a mature man , dressed typically in deep blue hose, sabre sheathed at his side, dark-haired, dark-eyed, and balding. He is a skilled Military Scientist, Warrior, Herbalist, and Philosopher. He has a fatherly and benevolent attitude towards his liegemen and the craftpeople and peasents of the Barony, and reasons that the lord who takes care of his people will receive their respect and loyalty in return. He has become fond of peace and tends to lose himself in his hobby of collecting exotic and unusual plants.

Lady Belinda de Honore d'Estarra - the Baron's wife, a tall elegant lady in beautifully embroidered blue velvet gowns, with dark blonde hair greying slightly at the temples, and clear grey eyes.

Lady Helena de Honore - Sixteen year old daughter

Henri de Honore - Ten year old son, training to be a knight.

Chaplan (Brother) Osmonde - Gabrielite priest.

Steward Corin - The castle steward is a small rotund gentleman with a habit of rattling the keys he carries.

One of the villages under the control of Silverstream is Dottery