Silverbone Manor

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The decription of the Manor proper is left blank for Chris to complete.

Architectural Oddities

An 'Ancient' Chapel

An apparantly ancient chapel is nestled into the austere and angular ridgelines of grey slate forming the roof. Oddly, it is only accessible from the roof, by clambering out of gable windows in the attics, or climbing a trellis from one of the upper balconies in the Familial wing. This small (10'x18') shrine of well-worn stone is dedicated to the Powers of Light. Due to its small and very human scale, and its slightly out-dated architecture, it has a homely and comfortable feeling. There are signs of long-term usage, such as worn paving stones at the low altar and baptisal font, a patina of smoke on the age-darkened ceiling-beams, and scuff marks on the floor beneath the three pews. These benches are of ancient slabs of oak, and appear to have been polished by the backsides of generations of squirming children. As the Warden is a bloody-thristy pagan follower of Kubti the Blood-spattered, the church is unconcecrated, lacks the statues, wall-hangings, decorations, and other accoutrements of a functioning chapel, and shows no signs of recent usage. It has not been defiled, however.

This chapel was actually constructed in early Autumn 810WK.