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Within the area of Fastness of Girwyllan are secret paths or short cuts as they are known by the locals. These paths are not normal. They are not visible to the naked eye, and are in effect knowledge.

For example: Run three times clockwise around the large blue(ish) rock at the top of the Cliffs of Time - and you will end up running around another rock at the bottom of the Cliffs around 1/2 a mile away to the west. With the correct knowledge you may be able to travel from the north of the Fastness to the southern tip in under 5 mins.

  • Many fantastical creatures know some shortcuts and very few know them all if any.
  • Sometimes the shortcuts only work at night, only around the full moon etc..
  • Many can not be used at night safely.
  • Some lead to far off lands and places that would take days to travel to normally.

Braegon knows some of them --> Braegons short cuts