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Location Southeast Insel der Freiheit
Government Principality ruled by House Voturia.
Current Prince Bodenius Sornatius Voturia
Population 174,000.
29,000 - 20%
Major Towns
Broesai - Pop:22,500

Acombria - Pop:6500



Iron Goods


Sherazar is surrounded on three sides by Serawak and to the north lies the ocean.

The people of Sherazar are distrustful of outsiders and even the traders are expected to stay on their boats as they conduct trade.

The land has a tiny population and only one major town, it's capital Broesan. Goats are the primary source of meat and food is also shipped in from Mercato the lands lie bare, the only industry being mining to extract the rich seams of Iron from the hills. From the hills a settlement around the base of four large stone towers produces thick clouds of oily smoke.



Places of Interest

A small town centered around 4 massive smelters. The town is perpetually covered in a haze of smoke from the smelters and huge warehouses are filled with smiths working to produce large quantities of iron and steel goods.


House Voturia
Name House Voturia
Prince Bodenius Sornatius Voturia
Province Sherazar
House Colours Silver and Blue
House College Shaping
House Paetas
House Apollonius

House Voturia is a single man, alive(?) for several hundred years so far. He is rarely at court and is distrusted by most of the other princes. Despite this he is known as a fair and honest man in all dealings and despite no lack of opportunity to leave his lands there is little emigration from Sherazar.

He was once married but his wife died many years ago, and since then he has lived as a virtual recluse, only appearing at court for matters of grave importance.

The Family

Main Family

Bodenius Sornatius Voturia
Prince of Sherazar. It is believed he is not human, possibly an Elf or Drow. His aura is concealed behind a darkness and he is aware of being DA'd. He is a Shaper.

Advisors and Members of Court

An apparently elderly man, he moves with a young step. He is not originally from the islands but his origins have never been ascertained. His common is poor and he ends every broken sentence with the word 'yes'. However in either Folksprach or Erelheine he is a fluent and confident speaker.



  • House Paetas - Large volumes of trade are carried by this house and the money they make has made them good friends.


  • House Apollonius - This house has made no bones over their desire to see an end to the Sherazar Principality and to add the lands to their own. This feud is believed to have started some years ago and is a personal issue between the Princes, many rumours abound over possible causes but there are no definite conclusions.