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Shareal is a dedicated and passionate defender of the Isles from anything he sees as a threat.

He is usually reasonable in discussions but can be quick to take offence and his temper occasionally gets the better of him.

He is one of the most wildly travelled of the insect shamen.

Known History

Shareal appears to be activly fighting the Spider Demon and has spent significant time and resources on this endeavour.

In 806 he kidnapped The Riverman in order to protect him from the minions of the Spider Deamon who were rumoured to be seeking him out. This was foiled by a Guild party who rescued The Riverman as he provides one of the herbs required for the manufacture of Healing Potions. He then completed his rituals to enlarge over 1000 cockroaches to the size of small horses and attacked the Spider Deamon inflicting significant damage but not defeating him. He was then in turn rescued by a Guild Party who took him to the Termite Shaman for Healing.

Dealings with the Guild

Autumn 807WK
The party found and rescued Shareal after he had attacked some form of Spider Demon. His army destroyed Shareal only just escaped with his life but the party helped get him to Zahie who healed him. After reaching an agreement with the party over past difficulties he aided them with their mission.
Characters : Thaeuss, Kern Silvercrest, Kit, Mortimer, Logan, Silverfoam
Autumn 806WK
A Guild Party encountered Shareal in Katingan Spring performing a ritual surrounded by giant cockroaches. A fight ensued that ended in a stalemate with both sides later claiming the other had attacked first.
Characters : Thaeuss, Kern Silvercrest, Kin, Kit, Mortimer, Everan and Tari.