Secret Seven and the mystery of the missing Sun

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Adventure: Secret Seven and the mystery of the missing Sun
GM: Craig
Session: Autumn 815 WK
Night: Wed
Location Craigs
Level: Med to Extreme


  1. Terry Spencer - Turf
  2. Kelsie - Caprice
  3. Mike Y - Morgan
  4. Clare - Ithilmor
  5. Jono Bean - Engalton
  6. Dan Dixon - Scab
  7. Joe Parker - Eltan aka Stupid Stupid Rat Creature



  • Help some Knights near Barretskyne
  • Something put the Sun out. Let's see if we can re-ignite it.



Provide relief to church knights at Barretskyne

Visit Death, Fates and War. Fight Calamar in the Lunar empire.

Inscribe names on block. Visit Raphaels realm.

Leave Raphaels realm with a gift. Fight Reaper Angels and head to see Michael

Talk to Michael and head to Glissom

Join with other parties and head to the Sun.

Return to gates of hell and syphon souls.

Track elemental army through hell and spread word of treaty discussions.

Battle Report

Barretskyne mountain pass

Following the Barretskyne briefing the guild erupted in frantic activity preparing for imminent troop deployment. The party was quickly assembled and their mission explained as they were rushed to the courtyard. Stopping briefly to receive magic from a powerful artefact they party departed through a portal.

Arriving at a mountain pass at Barretskyne the party were immediately attacked. A makeshift barricade had been erected across the length of the pass in order to cut access, but this had been overrun. Facing hundreds of undead and a small pocket of surviving church knights the party erupted into activity - rescuing the surviving church knights, resurrecting the dead and slaying the undead in the area. Pushing the fight back to the wall and establishing control over the pass, the party overcame a late push by an 80 foot long void lizard and a ball of 30 immolated undead that were fired at the wall.

The party held the wall until the arrival of 200 church knights whom took command of the defence. An argument over Nightfall broke out between a small group of priests of different factions, which was ended when Turf threatened to cut off their heads. Caprice then danced naked for the party, which Scab found particularly invigorating.

An Invitation

While making their way back to the Guild, Death struck Engalton dead as subtle way of inviting him to attend him in person. Securing the use of a magical skiff owned by Kali we sailed through mists filled with terrors in order to reach Deaths island, our journey was interrupted by the attack of Mist Wraiths whom could only he hurt by fire. Arriving at Deaths island, having stopped to obtain toads, we discussed Nightfall. Death confirmed this is not Nightfall and the horn must not be blown, we should “obtain” this from the Raphael High Castle, and ensure no one could use it. He then made us immortals to prevent the detection of our presence at the Castle. But, more importantly, Ithilmor again reminded Turf that the Wedding preparations are not yet complete.

Our next stop was the Fates, and we settled down for some tea and cheese while discussing current event. They explained it was not yet time for Nightfall, and suggested we follow up the recommendations made by Death. It was explained it was likely we would all die, a great deal, so we should use the Block at the Lunar Empire and inscribe out names. We were provide papers to assist out task.

Lunar Lunacy

Our next stop was the temple of War where we made use to the idle Titans to transport us to the outskirts of the Lunar Empire, from where we made our way to the enormous Block. The top of the block was covered in clouds that were raining down hundreds of lightning bolts. Climbing the Block we began inscribing the names of the all the party members adventuring to resolve this issue, while being struck by lightning. Our progress was rudely interrupted when a Calmar void cruiser teleported beside the party and fired a salvo of attacks that would have struck normal people dead, fortunately we were far from normal.

Having swiftly defeated the Calamar, Morgan spent time familiarising himself with the helm of the ship. We left Scab to complete the engravings while the remainder of the party flew first to the temple of war then back to the guild.

Gabs Horn

Arriving on Raphael plane via planar magic we faced a forest from horizon to horizon. The party soon encountered strange gigantic creatures that were crushing Easter bunnies, we eventually determined they were dark aspects of Raphael consciousness and engaged them with extreme prejudice, rescuing the bunnies and obtaining their eggs.

A castle, previously hidden to us, appeared on the landscape. The two angelic guardians allowed us entry following some discussion. The castle was bereft of people and decorations, with the exception of a notable horn that was behind a stained glass barrier. Following some experimentation we scraped off lead and pulled out a pane of stained glass - the dome of glass exploded, four angry angels appears accompanied by white spheres. Resisting the rolling wave of white spheres and fending off the titanic blows from the Angels we were able to banished ourselves back to Newhaven.


Engaltons mind-mages were on hand to quickly heal us while we discussed our next steps, this was interrupted by shouts of fear. The stars were falling to earth, all the stars, from horizon to horizon. Flying to the closest “landing” we encountered a Reaper Angel that was actively killing all life it could locate, it explain their mission were to reap souls for the coming battle – this was happened all across Alusia, tens of thousands were being slain as we spoke. A single blow from the Reaper was sufficient to kill almost anyone, delivering both physical and magical killing blows. We had previously not attacked an Angel, this horrific information quickly altered our resolve. Bloodied, battered and having expended much magic the party departed Newhaven having slain the abominations and took a portal to Seagate.

Seagate was also scene of slaughter, but we had prepared Fate papers and presented the orders for the Reaper Angels to cease activities, ignoring all previous orders, and follow our commands. We send Reaper Angels to other cities to spread the word and hopefully crease their reaping. Sasha made a quick visit to her home to secure her family while we deposited some items on Morgans ship and had some rapid discussions with the Guild staff. We reassembled and ordered the Angels to take us to their patron, Michael, where we would have a loudly worded discussion.

Following discussion of issues with Michael then returned to Sachas Kingdom of Glissom to protect to provide aid, as it is a protectorate of Aim the party were provided demonic weapons for the ensuing battle.

Trip to the Sun

Returning to the Guild the party amalgam with two other groups and headed to an Elven fortress orbiting the Sun. See more details here

The party remained on the Temple on the Sun when the other parties departed, and uncovered minions of Aim sacrificing a Fire Elemental Prince Firestorm, with the purpose of opening a portal for Aim. The party destroyed the minions and Aim gate, rescuing the Prince. The Prince summoned a number of Fire Elementals and began igniting the sun. Returning to the Elemental fortress the party spent some time scrubbing it clean of all evil presence and creating wards, then piloting it back to orbit around the sun.

Gates of Hell

Portalling back to the Alusia the party retuned to Hell to examine the Gates, but another party had already begun construction. Instead the party corralled the new Gods to the gates to obtain souls, preventing them travelling to Hell. Talking to Catherine, the fire elemental overseeing the war, she showed no concern about the death of Alusia due to an absent Sun. The party withdraw to plan, renewing discussions upon learning of the Wards stopping elementals moving through the games, and Catherine agreed to a withdrawal and treaty with Hell.

Treaty Talk

The party travelled to Vesagos domain and obtain his agreement to treaty talks, and began hunting for an Elemental war party. The journey took them through the ruins of many realms, spreading the words of the treaty, finally discovering the army trapped in a transforming mist in Palmons realm. The army was being transformed to demonic forms, the party began banishing the army home while fighting off waves of demons – finally banishing themselves when Palmon and a large army approached.



  • Void people - shadows from the void that are very difficult to see. The flee from light.
  • Void Lizard - 80ft long void lizard. Very easy to see.
  • Skeletal attack - large mass of burning skeletons fired at range. Damage target on impact. 30+ immolated skeletons arise from the mass.

  • Mist Wraiths - only susceptible to fire and dehydration
  • Calamar - supporting the extinction event
  • Reaper Angels - sent to earth to obtain souls for the coming battle. The attacks are powerful enough to kill a normal person in a single blow, additionally anyone touching their sword must resist of be slain.


  • Fates and Death have confirmed this is not Nightfall.
  • Put names of all 19 party members on the Block in the Lunar Empire. Magic will not fall off when death occurs. (not completed)



Caprice realizing that the Engleton running around "healing" us was actually attacking the party members and was a doppelgänger.


Caprice heading off to assassinate a demon (and nearly getting eaten)

To Do

  • Inscribe names on Block at the Lunar Empire
  • Visit the Temple of War.
  • Obtain and hide the Horn of Raphael
  • Explain to Michael the error of his decision



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Full Moon

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Portal to Barretskyne
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