Seagate's Haunts

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Seagate's Haunts

Adventure: Seagate's Haunts
GM: Keith Smith
Session: Winter 816
Night: Tuesdays
Location The house of Smith
Level: Low to Bunny
Rules: By the Book (although will consider Opposition Rolling.


Find out why people are afraid of some abandoned houses in Seagate. Strange lights have been reported through the windows in some cases.


400sp a week + reasonable expenses.
Healing beyond the parties capability will also be covered.

The Party

Scribe Notes

Session 1

Our tour this season is to based in Seagate and we will be visiting the empty residences to discover why they are still empty. I have as my companions Limedhl the potion mage, an elf from the Lunar Empire of the Binder persuasion, a human from the Lunar Empire who dabbles in the light, a "human" who plays with all the colours and a pleasant halfling (at least we think she is a halfling). Our employer, the master assassin of some repute in the guild, will give us more instructions after we have inspected the guild maps of Seagate to help with identifying the first sights for our visit.

Session 2

We met a new companion on the way. So we dashed to a local tavern to consider the nature of her existence. After that met up with her again and made our way to the first house on our tour. Most people didn't seem to notice the house or the guard rhino. After the rhino was confirmed to be scared of the dark and Keso tried out for the hunt we made our way inside. There was a chattering skull in a cupboard a trapped chess set and a strange blue vile in various rooms. In the end we found a room with a painting of a moon that is some sort of portal and a table full of headless dinner guests.

Session 3

We find another room with benches and mouldy food with stone rats. I am reliably informed that this is a kitchen before our halfling is traumatised by the food attacking.With the door now shut we make our way to the butterfly room.There are 3 live butterflies in a jar and a green gem. We also find in another room 3 apples a red a green and a yellow. They are 20 years old.In a room of magical drkness a living impaired chef attacks( may have been a golem). we find 3 potions (red, blue and clear) and a skull with astrological symbols on it. we relieve him of his knife, his cleaver, his apron and his skillet.

Upstairs Lim tests the windy corridor on his hands and knees. In the wet bathroom with it's eternal shower we find a scum monster frog, terribly exciting. After the frog is dispatched we found some gold coins and another skull with more symbols on it. In the attached dressing room we find some magic robes and a mirror that Minerva reports as being quite enchanting. The Bedroom is quite substantial for a human place. There is a globe of fire and a trapdoor in the ceiling. Up through it we find a room with windows but it does have another door. There is a candle on a table, a shiny sword and the body of of erstwhile guide with another of those skulls in her hand. We sense a trap so Lim picked the skull up. after a short delay an imp appeared. The sensible pointy eared amongst us dove out of the way while Kerry let him have the darkness.

Session 4

With a knotted rope we make our way up the windy corridor. The library is found and we find our deaths being predicted. We send in the lunar attack squad(Kaeso and Minerva)There are flying books and the smell of sulfur. After the ghosts and such like are defeated we find a silvered long sword, a quill, inkwell, silvered dagger, a book(title: Moon and it's role in magic),500sp,Magnifying glass(comprehend language?)and another skull,a nine headed hydra candelabra(is it safe?) and some plate mail. Next is a bedroom with an ornate chest. We send in the Lim and he has a fearsome battle with a centipede. He was very small at the time. There is a metal box with a hundred gold coins and a magical cowboy hat. The next bedroom had silvered grooming items and a book. There was a cupboard that had gemstones on the floor. when one was touched more fell. This spooked Lim terribly. I think it may be because he is a gutter elf.

We go collecting skulls, two headed cats fun gifts for the whole family. we go down stairs and send in Lim to the room with the stone rats. Lim gets stoned and they get unstoned. After some pulling on the rope we haul him out. The chess game reveals a hidden compartment with another skull.

After finding all the skulls we put them on the bodies. Eventually(after some painful experiments) the secret compartment opens and we find Coins, a silver key, a 20pt healing potion, and 4 scrolls. We climb up to level 3 again and use the Key. Behind the door is a wizards work room with some carelessly placed wands in a magic circle and a black oak chest. around the room are lore books and potions. Lim approached the circle and disappeared. After letting Lim have some time to get back to us I shoot an arrow that moves the wand and depowers the circle. Lim also turns up again. The chest had gold, 2 20pt healing potions, potions of restore stats,potion of dark vision and some bracers.

Session 5 & 6

After couple of days rest and curse removal we made our way to the second stop on our itinerary. It is a cliff top mansion some 30 miles from Seagate. After arranging accommodation in the nearest village we make our way out to the a nearby farm. We acquire apple pie and horse shoes. There are tales if Eldritch lights, Alchemy and Fae.The next morning we make our way to the house.

The house has ornate gates but is definitely abandoned. We made our way through the dusty entrance and up the stairs. The floors are somewhat dodgy. We find possible souvenirs in the first room. The third room is locked. after that is bypassed by the sneaky ones we find a human tied up missing some clothes. He does seem to be somewhat ungrateful and declines our invitation to participate in a hunt.

We find a room with spiderwebs which after start to go to the shiney in the fire place we discover the webs have very live spiders...briefly. Kaeso dispatched them with great alacrity. There was a fist sized crystal of vision in the fire place. The next room looks like it has been looted by fools or possibly goblins. We find documents a scroll of sleep and four small diamonds(500sp each).after a couple of rooms with trapped chests we send Jaecey up into the attic. There are bats up there. They tell our dark mage about Giant mozzies, owls,pixies and flashing lights out to sea.

Downstairs the kitchen has attack centipedes.There are rooms with broken furniture and a locked box up a chimney with a red backed spider that mistakes Jaecey for lunch.There was a mushroom circle that we put a horse shoe in and lock the door.The library ha a curious assortment of books and someone has used a parchment called 'Beyond skeletons' as a book mark.There are in trapped compartment two rose coloured vials and a gold earring.

The conservatory has a trap door in the floor and an unwelcome presence.We decide to do down another entrance through the kitchen. Down there we find a a corpse in magical platemail with a long sword. After defeating the rotgrubs we find a large emerald and a secret door.behind the door are ten beds, a carved boat, casks, food, silk cloth and a danger sign. we deduce a pirates/smugglers lair.

Session 7

We toured the lair and founds signs of Danger. The sign was on one of the doors. The smuglers try to lure us into a three way ambush in the dark. We let them for a while and then as they fell we offered to let them surrender. They refused so the mist decended and the burning began. The last one,who really didn't understand the hunt, answered a few questions baout their activities. They were not connected to the alchemist's activities. 

Past the danger there were skeletons and a lab with a dead human sitting in it. He was reading a book and was surrounded by golden objects including 5 disks.The stone in his left fist was a stone of ill luck.. between the smuglers there wererings and earring(magical),a book of mesmerism,a potion of haste,a silvered tulwar,3 10 point healing potions and various other goodies.

Important Notes

Important People

Mil Sci

Mil Sci will receive an EP bonus for ensuring Combats run smoothly and quickly

Daily Pattern

Roughly 11 hours day, 13 hours night. Mid winter 10 hours day 14 hours night.

  • Sleep/Camp 11 Hours (4/3/4hr)
  • Investigate 10 Hours
  • Meals 2 Hours
  • Rituals 1 Hours

Travel Magics

Watch Order


Marching Order

Main body front:
Main body rear:
Tail Guard:


Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also.

General buff notes

Buffs done with Waters of Healing & Restoratives to stay at full Ft.
Seagate is low mana, Offensive magic inside the walls is illegal, magic in general is frowned on.
Bows, Cloaks & Packs waterproofed.

Long duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Ke Li Mi El Ja Ka
Water Breathing (Li) 8 Breath water, see through water mage fog. 9 Hours Y Y Y Y Y Y
Corruscade (Day) (Ke) ## ?? # Hours Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit
Shadow form (Night) (Ke) ## 22%/11%? # Hours Y Y Y Y Y Y
- ## ?? # Hours - - - - - -

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Ke Li Mi El Ja Ka
Durability (Ka) 6 14lb limit, +2 AP on armour. 70 minutes. N N N N Sit Sit
Weapon of Dark/Light (Ke) ## ?? # Hours Sit (?) N Sit (L) Sit (L) Sit (?) Sit (D)
Waters of Strength (Li) 10 [D-2]+10 to PS 55 minutes Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit
- ## ?? # Hours - - - - - -






  • Guild Healing Potion, *1 Each


  • Lessers, Bought at guild. 600sp each.



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain
Frost (7)
  1 Guild Meeting 2   3   4   5   6  
Moon3.jpg 7   8   9   10   11   12   13  
Moon0.jpg 14   15   16   17   18   19   20  
Moon1.jpg 21   22   23   24   25   26   27  
Moon2.jpg 28   29   30    
Snow (8)
  1   2   3   4  
Moon3.jpg 5   6   7   8   9   10   11  
Moon0.jpg 12   13   14   15 Solstice 16   17 The Duke of Carzala's Winter Ball 18 Yuletide
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos 20 DoC 2 21 DoC 3 22 DoC 4 23 DoC 5 24 DoC 6 25 DoC 7
Moon2.jpg 26 DoC 8 27 DoC 9 28 DoC 10 29 DoC 11 30 Twelfth Night  
Ice (9)
  1   2  
Moon3.jpg 3   4   5   6 First Plough 7   8   9  
Moon0.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon1.jpg 17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon2.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30