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Fat orc arms


Saydar was the 7th son of an Orc Bandit chieftain. He was bullied regularly and was often tied to a cartwheel when the cart was taken to trade with neighbouring tribes. This resulted in massive damage to his arms and hands as the cart wheel regularly ran over them, breaking bones and mangling flesh. Saydar was badly crippled and unable to use weapons of any kind. At the age of 13, Saydar fled the tribe and began to plot his revenge. He learned the dark arts of Necromancy and joined the Seagate Adventurer’s Guild.

General information

Saydar is a rude, foul-tempered beast who cares little for the life of others. He enjoys drinking and fighting, usually followed by more drinking. He has been known to spend an entire adventuring session drunk. Saydar has few friends. He is, however incredibly loyal to those few friends that he does have - Engalton, Vychan, Logan. Saydar was one of the original founders of Newhaven. He runs the infamous Skull Tavern in Newhaven, and spends time there to relax on occasion.

Saydar is prepared to take great risks to acquire more money and power. He currently controls the Barony of Erewhon which he is using to recruit and train an army. He has grandiose plans to rule the entire Western Kingdom one day.

Saydar has met Death itself on two different occasions. He has had his destiny rewoven by the three Fates. He is currently removed from the tapestry of the world. This means that most NPCs will quickly forget about his existence, minor actions such as opening a door will tend to be undone (i.e. the door will close by itself), and major actions will be attributed to another entity. Saydar is the holder of the Alusian Cross.


Saydar is dressed in a suit of Heavy Plate armour. It is cold iron, painted black, and adorned with skulls. He wears a tattered black cloak which hides a number of bony rats within its folds. Saydar carries a large ornate staff, and a mace hangs from his belt. A number of potions, amulets and small bones hang from around his body. He looks strong, fit and surefooted. An aura of death emanates from him.

Relation to the world

  • Holder of the Alusian Cross
  • Lifetime guild member (exempt from guild taxes)

Relations (alleged)

  • Samdar - the alleged heir if they could confirm it with Saydar that is
  • many others - he's a very virile orc you know and he's known many many women of all sexes

Notable Spells

  • Binding Lesser Undead (Rk 22)
  • Blades (Rk 22)
  • Spectral Warrior (Rk 22)

Notable Skills

  • Military Scientist (Rk 9)
  • Unarmed Combat (Rk 9)
  • Quarterstaff (Rk 8)

Notable Abilities

  • Destroy undead at a touch
  • Talk to normal animals or avians
  • Fly
  • Walk through walls
  • Restore fatigue at will
  • Cast while in contact with cold iron, bound, gagged, in close etc.
  • Arcane Power
  • Does not stun
  • Doesn't eat, drink, sleep or breathe
  • Immune to poison, charm, possession, heart attacks, death curses from undead
  • Cannot be killed by water
  • Invisible to prophecy, precognition, divination etc.


Sabastian hes on our list.
Blitzkrieg Oh yes. When I catch that little scumbag...


Saydar is played by Andrew Luxton-Reilly.