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Humanoid reptiles commonly found throughout Coastal, Island, Jungle, and Highland areas of Central Terranova. They are believed to be distant descendants of the Dragons and the sub-races seen in Terranova mirror those of their ancestors. (Although no Golden Saurians are known).

Sub Races

Yellow Saurians
The most common sub-race seen on the mainland and found in all coastal and jungle areas, Yellow Saurians are essentially identical in their physical nature to the Saurime seen on the Alusian continent. They are however more settled than their eastern kin, dwelling in and around large cities and exhibiting "civilized" rather than tribal behaviour. They are about 7 feet tall, and are greenish-yellow in colour.
Blue Saurians
Most commonly found on the islands around the Terranovan coast but also in some coastal areas of the mainland, Blue Saurians are both smaller and more socially primitive than the Yellows. They average about 5 1/2 feet tall, are a dark greenish blue (teal) colour, and have pronounced crests. They are extremely adept in the water, being able to stay submerged for 10 minutes or more, with their broad, flat feet providing propulsion.
Green Saurians
Far fewer in number than the Yellows or Blues, the giant Green Saurians can still be found in many coastal and jungle areas. They average some 9 feet in size, with proportionally greater strength, larger claws and teeth, etc, and exhibit a range of green colouration. They are not terribly bright or civilized and may be found in tribal bands, or living amongst their smaller but more civilized kin, where their services are in demand as warriors and labourers.
Red Saurians
Relatively rare, and only found in the highlands, Red Saurians are primitive, savage, fast, and vicious. They stand around 6 feet high, are red to red-brown in colour, and have small crests. Although unable to actually breathe fire, Red Saurians are able to spit their noxious saliva at enemies with an effect similar to a small amount of Greek Fire.
Black Saurians
Rarest of the sub-races, Black Saurians are only found in the most mountainous parts of the highlands where they live in small cities located at inaccessibe heights. Black Saurians stand around 5 feet in height, are a deep slate grey-green in colour, and have large crests, flattened tails and functional wings.

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