Sau Rus

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Character Name: Sau Rus
Player Name: Ian Anderson
College: Necromancy
Race: Human
Level: Medium
Description: 5'5"; Dark hair blue eyes none too pretty 125lbs
Abilities: shh that/'s a secret

Bleeds well

Status: Active
Sex: Male
Other than Philosopher None that he will admit to. (cartographer, sat score 12)
Weapons: Has a dagger leans on quarterstaff
Spells: Binding Lesser Undead,Attaching Body parts,Animation of the dead,Wall of Bones,Noxious Vapous, Talking to dead people, Dark Vision. Necrosis. Wraithcloak.
Comments: Formaly a large lizardman
Is not an assassin.
Is not a thief
Is not a spy
Is not evil....
Joined Guild:Winter 02
Despite being a Death aspected Necromantic assassin Sau Rus does not kill many people. This is partly because he believes that death is important and not to treated frivolously. Also if you try to kill people they try to kill you back and he likes to avoid having people trying to kill him.