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This article is 100% rumour, 80% true, 60% relevant, 40% accurate, 20% dependable and 0% guaranteed.

This profession, while not respectable, is an essential part of Sanctuary's commercial and entertainment reputation.


Servant/Messenger. A young girl who carries messages for Myrtis.


Ilsigi Mistress of the Golden Lily (Lily Garden), the second most powerful madam on the Street of Red Lanterns and the only contender for Myrtis' leadership. She keeps her girls dependent on her through their addiction to krrf, an expensive drug. She is also addicted. This often leads her into contact with fairly rough types, since the drug is not easily obtained in any quantity. She is quick to correct anyone confusing her place with the Slippery Lily, a hellhole inside the Maze itself. Rumour has it that she actually owns both establishments, sending her broken-down girls to the Slippery Lily when they no longer meet the standards of the Lily Garden. Though in a rough trade and over 40, she has managed to keep much of her hard-edged beauty. Her major weaknesses are her addiction and a concern for respect. Threatening either will be met with immediate violence; supporting them will gain her assistance.


Elven Streetwalker. Works the Promise of Heaven. Friend of Dayrne.


Foreign half-witted prostitute. Elder sister of Cythen. Her caravan was attacked by bandits. She watched her betrothed's bloody death then was made a victim of the bandits' lust. Under Cythen's care, her wounds healed but her mind didn't. Gave birth to a dead baby by one of her rapists. Became Jubal's bed partner then taken to the Aphrodisia House after the estate was raided


Elven Streetwalker A young girl bespelled by Rabben Half-hand to find out local secrets of power.


Northern Wench. A housemate of Jamie the Red. Companion of Light-of-Pearl.


Elven Prostitute. A prostitute at the Aphrodesia House, and one of Myrtis' most trusted girls.


Elven Prostitute Works at the Aphrodisia House. Had nightmares of her lover, Aglon, caused by a magic item - a small silver ball that amplifies emotions but was spoiled by all the violence it had experienced.


Brothel Madam The proprietor of a brothel in Red Lantern Street; her trademark is her brightly-dyed red hair.

Elid/Mad Elid

Elven Prostitute Cheap whore/part-time pick pocket who hunts Mama Becho's in Downwind. Very persistents but smells.


New Elven prostitute at the Aphrodisia House. Pretty in a kittenish sort of way, an escapee from the streets of Sanctuary.


Tongueless bodyguard belonging to Amoli. She had a vassal spell laid on him when she bought him. He can neither speak or write. Has bad teeth.


Elven House Madam The madam of the popular House of Mermaids, a prosperous and exotic bawdy house of Red Lanterns. She is a supporter of Myrtis, the leader of the madams on the street, and is always on the lookout for new and unusual talents. large woman with doughty, ring-covered hands and an unrivalled bosom. A source of many rumours.


Young servant girl at the Aphrodesia House.


Eunuch His business is to conduct the favoured customers to the chambers of their chosen women, throw out the drunk and abusive customers from the Aphrodisia House. Huge-bellied, naked except for a skimpy loincloth and a dozen rings in each ear.


Elven young working girl at the Aphrodisia House. Has auburn (hennaed) curls. She was given a small silver ball by her lover, Aglon, which turned out to be a lost magical item that emphasizes dreams. She is also a singer, and achieved a modicum of success in an Operetta but due to being drunk or suffering from food poisoning during rehearsals, she had problems keeping a major role.


A huge eunuch employed as bodyguard and bouncer at the Lily Garden.

Kitty and Purr

To be populated by Spys
Kitty and Purr

These two beautiful human looking woman claim to be sisters. They are almost always clean and tidy and care about their appearance. It is not widely know to most people, because of some mystical effect that hides it but they are in fact shapechanger cats. They are often found working with or for Suzanna in some complex plot involving the Fastness of Girwyllan and some guild members. It is unclear why they work in Sanctuary given that they are not poor.

The Guild knows that they are Master Thieves and it has been reported that they have assisted Guild parties in the past. Both Kitty and Purr are adverse to violence and/or danger. They are capable of fighting when pushed. Both of the sisters consistently carry a single finely crafted small red wooden and silver box on their person.

They once had the stolen dead heart of Lady Lizette Summers. They are 'doomed' to not die at the hand of someone that loves them when close to Keshah.

Kitty takes no ill effects from dieing for someone she loves, and uses love potions to aid her in this. Kitty has gained this ability particularily for Furfur's wrath.

DA'ed or Reported Skills include: Common: R6L, Thief R4, Avoid Danger R4+.
The Guild thinks that their skills maybe hidden by an Illusionary aura.

Scribe notes:


Northern Wench. A housemate of Jamie the Red and companion of Butterfly.


A prostitute in the House of Mermaids.

Mad Elid

Elven Barfly / pickpocket / whore. Patron of Mama Becho's, she tries to pry drinks from others or coins from the unwary. Persistent and smelly.

Ouleh Man-killer

Elven Barfly / whore. A doubly endowed denizen of Sly's Place. She isn't afraid to approach a man to flaunt her "wares" and ask for a drink. A very friendly young woman with a quick tongue.

Sandra de Melvec

A painter of some skill who left her husband, a lesser Aquilan noble, to come here by the seaside and live a better life. She is a skilled portrait painter but moonlights as a prostitute. These two arts compliment each other nicely, and she runs a quiet but profitable business.


Elven Prostitute. Young girl starting her career at the Aphrodisia House. She was once a street orphan who was brought to the Street by Zip (whom she has fallen in love with).



Suzanna is a Naga of great wisdom. She is able to shape change into a human. She lives and works in Sanctuary. She is a highly skilled prostitute. She is able to speak a large range of languages very well. She is rumoured to know the secrets of 'Boxes of Joy'. It is said she has a special understanding of woman and a special relationship with Amoli.

Even thou she is half woman and half snake she is able to skillfully ply her skills as a prostitute. She is skilled with her tail and is an empath able to feel the feelings of others around her, which she seems to take great pleasure in.

She is extremely good friends with Kitty and Purr.

Scribe notes:


Red-haired, green-eyed young prostitute who works the area around the park, Promise of Heaven. She was lured to Sanctuary on the promise of a stonemason lover, who dumped her. In 806 became an exotic dancer, and Arts Council union rep. In 807, she became a vampire hunter. She now dresses in skin-tight black leather and pointed boots, and hunts the supernatural for a living. She is still an amateur, but is learning fast.


Elven Streetwalker with a baby daughter who once plied her trade along the docks with the sailors there. She was once the playmate of Lalo's oldest daughter but her house was forced into poverty. She sometimes has glass beads tidied into her hair, which can be hennaed, blonde, or her original dark colour. She has found employment in the Aphrodisia House. Because of her age and wisdom, she is often looked up to as a mother figure by the other girls. She is also a (poor) singer, and achieved success in an Operetta.


Servant / prostitute at the Lily Garden.