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This article is 100% rumour, 80% true, 60% relevant, 40% accurate, 20% dependable and 0% guaranteed.

The Underworld of Sanctuary is infamous throughout western Alusia. A closer look will reveal that most of them are just people trying to survive. There is no central organisation, such as the Sanctuary Thieves Guild or Sanctuary Assassins Guild.


Want-to-be-thief. Ilsigi. Has a partner, Hakky. Little brother of Saz.


An elven Assassin, reputed to be quite reliable. Tall, broad shouldered, long dark hair, jet black eyes and a well worn pitted face. Is reputed to leave a black rose on, or near his victims. When he is pushed he can be terminally vicious as evidenced by the death of Jurgen in Winter 807.


Orcish Gangleader Tortured Cade's brother Terrel, and dared him to take revenge. Black-haired and bearded.

Arthur Pendragon

Hobbit Fence. This legendary crime figure should only be contacted for items too hot to sell in Sanctuary. He can be reached through discrete enquiries with certain fences.


Elven Thief. A young thief who always dresses in black. He is cocky and about as subtle as hives. A wannabe. Dead Spr 814wk


Ilsigi Hireling Thug. Hired by the mage Marype to 'retrieve' an amulet from Cholly the Gluemaker

The Beast Rabban

This feared killer is only spoken about in hushed tones.

Benna nus-Katarz

Thief. Artsdorf emigre who claims he sneaked into the lair of the Purple Mage. Rumour of the jewel he may have stolen set off the week of the Rat Hunt and the following weeks of the Cat Hunt and Dog Hunt.


Elven Assassin. Sought revenge for his murdered brother, Terrel. Cade is tall, with broad shoulders and his face is scarred about two black eyes. His skin is tanned, weathered, hard like his armour and body. Wears his long black hair tied back in an old-style Elven warbraid.

Chang Wong

Five Sisters Assassin. Retired and living in the back of Dylan’s in Red Lantern Street. Known Seagate adventurer.


Elven urchin. Agent of Jubal's protection racket.


Elven Assassin, particularly of magicians. Her involvement with Tempus is both ancient and mysterious. Sometime in the distant past (over 300 years ago), Cime gained some magical knowledge through her association with a circle of magicians. She also learned to hate all magic-users, and has dedicated her life to destroying them all, one by one. In this she is aided by two things; her hard-won skills at assassination, and her headdress of diamond rods. Cime is supposedly Tempus' sister, and their falling in love caused a wizard to curse them both. She is cursed never to be able to accept any form of payment or favour without performing some 'service' for it first.

Cudget Swearoath

Elven master thief. Much respected senior thief, hanged twice by order of the prince when caught in the act of burglary.


Kidnapper for Hire. Dead Spr 815wk


Elven Brawler and muscle for hire.


Elven ex-Hawkmask Now works as a spy for others, including Moria and Mor-am. Is known to have a good singing voice, and occasionally does amateur dramatics. Prone to violence and the liberal use of a sharp knife. Replaced in the Goatherd role in the Lonely Goatherd operetta, he resorted to assasination, which he is rather good at.


An elven apprentice glassblower working for master Muznut. Dead Spr 816wk


Elven Bodyguard to Mor-am and a thief of higher class than his employer.


Bouncer at the White Castle. Was a body guard, until he stabbed Teretaff, then was crippled (by being dashed into a wall) by his huge S’Danzo wife, Moonflower, after Esanssu went berserk after an 'unsatisfying' reading of the future.


Drow Assassin. Cursed to half her height after betraying Rabben the half-handed. Associate of Mradhon Vis. Keeps a low profile or is often out of town.


Elven Thief. Damaged by poison after trying to steal a god-weapon in the form of a serpent bracelet from a woman. His bones were 'ossified' by the bite. Now he moves slowly and painfully.


Ilsigi patron at Sly's Place. A contact and cut-out man for many deals. His half-lidded eyes miss little.

Old Gorthis

Elven Fence. An honest fence - at least he gives the fairest prices in Sanctuary.


Elven Thief. Got his collarbone broken mugging the wrong man. Dead Spr 817wk


Beggar. One of Mama Becho's eldest boys, from Downwind. Often works as a beggar and limps home some mornings to spend his take at the tavern. A lean, twisted man.


Elven Wannabe thief. Got a staff in the family jewels for all his troubles.


Forger. Works for Melilot. Claims to be an artist as an illuminator. Known as Double Henri as he makes two copies of all his work.


Enforcer for hire. The Hump is a hunchback who runs a gang of bruisers who kidnap, extort, and run protection rackets. The Hump is supposed to be able to steal a man away from a table without his dining companions noticing. He is a bogeyman for children in the Maze. Over the years his vicious criminal empire has expanded and he has gained significant influence in the criminal world, and is now a small fish in a much bigger pond. The Hump went missing in Summer 2020 and Barak the Toad assuming control of his empire. Dead Autumn 820


Necromancer and thief.


Elven fruit seller. Jacob's very successful sideline is blackmail, for which he maintains a virtual army of urchins who spy for him.


Elven Street urchin. ‘Helps’ people who become lost in the Maze. Dead Win 814wk


An Azurian crime-lord, once a famous gladiator, now considered semi-respectable because of his immense power; deals in slaves, drugs, and smuggled goods. He maintains a force of cutthroats hidden in blue Hawkmasks to do his dirty work.


Elven Street Urchin and rumoured Thief

Lahboo the Tight-Fisted

Elven miser who was murdered and whose ghost is said to haunt a deserted building in the Maze. Story is scary enough to even put off a dying man from entering the building.

Lastel One-Thumb

Merchant / drug-dealer / bartender. Uptown merchant and one-time owner of the Vulgar Unicorn, a rowdy and popular tavern in the middle of the Maze. Betrayed by local magicians, he spent a small eternity in death's embrace. Freed from magic by Cime when she wreaked havoc on the local Mage Guild, he is a confused shadow of his former self. A large, heavyset, unpleasant-looking man whose left thumb is missing from the second joint - he wears a taxidermist's imitation covering the stump. As well as moonlighting as bartender in the Vulgar Unicorn, Lastel sells information and deals in the drug krrf. He maintains a very rich residence in the Jeweler's Quarter, which connects by tunnels to the Lily Garden.


Beggar. Works as messenger for Moruth the Beggar King. Dead Win 815wk

Mad Elid

Elven Barfly / pickpocket / whore.

Mama Becho

Tavern owner / drug seller. Owner of a disreputable Downwind tavern. A woman-mountain with incongruously long curved nails ridged like horn, a halo of grizzled hair and black, almond-shaped eyes. She's a shrewd business woman with a pack of boys and girls who work for her in the inn. Downwind's answer to One-Thumb.


Assassin / bounty hunter. Hired by The Toad to kidnap Mariat's children with his two companions, Speido and Wik. Has a scalp disease, hence the unkind nickname.

Minsy Zithyk

Elven Barfly. Partner of Sjekso Kinzan.


Female elf of unknown age, above average height, and lithe build. Appears to only work with Raithe and there are suggestions that they may be lovers, or brother and sister, or indeed both. Very dexterous and fast. Known to be a "Black Mage" although College is unconfirmed, but may be Earth rather than Witchcraft. Moonshae is a powerful agent of Leraje, the Marquis of Archers, and like her patron favours the bow (and has considerable prowess in this weapon), having several different bows for various purposes. She is an excellent assassin with the bow, able to strike a target from considerable distance; perhaps as much as 1/2 a mile. Tends to dress in the forest greens of her patron -- these may also be for concealment. There is speculation that because of some "curse" of her patron Leraje, chance meetings will usually end in a bloody combat. Moonshae has a snake familiar, which may be an illusionist.


Beggar. King of the Downwind beggars, he wields considerable power and as an army of spies. Had a real grudge against Hawkmasks, who used to kill his people as an example.

Mradhon Vis

Mercenary, adventurer and sometime spy from Innesburg. He has betrayed almost everyone and had been betrayed in return, but he is a consummate survivor.


Street urchin A leader of a gang of street children who shot to fame by luring Jubal into a ambush to revenge a murdered street urchin. His gang was destroyed in the battle, but then Jubal hired him.


Glassblower A bald, little man who makes fire-bottles for the gangs. Dead Win 816wk


Thug. A big drunken troublemaker ejected from Sly's Place by its owner, Ahdio. He and his mate tried to later steal a barrel of beer but were quickly seen off by the tavern's cat, Sweetboy.

Poker the Cadite

Resident of the Maze. He has a piebald beard. A renowned liar - when he says turn right, head left.

M. Pompadour

Apparently a fop of the first order, this dandy is in fact the ever-present bodyguard and point-man for Gaheris. Rumoured to have a magical hair-piece. Actual name currently unknown.


An assassin and magician.


An assassin and palace guard. Dead Win 817wk


A dark, skinny boy barely in his teens. Raif almost died when he stole a ring from Amuuth that pricked and poisoned him.


Male elf of unknown age, average height and muscular build. Appears to only work with Moonshae and there are suggestions that they may be lovers, or brother and sister, or indeed both. Very strong and fast. Known to be a Mind Mage with additional abilities in the areas of concealment, disguise and physical control and modification. Prefers traditional "up close and personal" approach to assassination, favouring short, bladed weapons. Tends to dress in dark monochromes (dark greys through black).


Brandenburg witch and spy.


Jubal's aide and only friend. Chief lieutenant and master of his espionage force. It is Saliman's job to report the goings-on in Jubal's power base, usually in a tireless recitation voice. He is more of a secretary then a warrior though terribly loyal to Jubal. Saliman was once an angry young slave who Jubal freed.


Ilsigi. Big brother of Ahaz.


Cook / thief. Large, one-handed female cook and thief sent by Moruth to supervise the servants at the Peres house and to spy on its occupants. Dead Aut 814wk

Sjekso Kinzan

Elven Bravo / some-time thief. Handsome, blonde-haired youth with curling locks, a short. Sjekso was drained after sleeping with the witch/vampire Ischade, which has made him more cautious. His long-time partner is Minsy.


Five Sisters Priest / Assassin.


Aspiring thief. A skinny, snotty-nosed youth who has a particular talent for stabbing unarmed and unsuspecting people in the back. Works for Mange.


Beggar. Has a snaggled-row of teeth and a sightless eye. Reports to Moruth.


Sea captain. A smuggler who took unwittingly took aboard a chestful of silver which compelled whoever had it to return it to the rightful owner. Dead Aut 815wk


Thug. A bully and a coward who is unable to come up with a decent plan of his own, and often does the dirty work of others. He has few friends but is big enough to deter most of his enemies.

Taz Chandi

Elven. A handsome young thief bewitched by Ischade and drawn into her accursed household.

Tee Dee

Pusher & assassin. Has a pet asp which he wears around his neck. Worked for Amoli for a while. Suspected black mage. Worshipper of Crocell.


Ilsigi Businessman. Murdered brother of Cade and husband of Sarah. He was killed because of his involvement with a gang, supplying money and running contraband. He was horribly tortured and his bones twisted at odd angles, with every bone broken.


Elven Barfly. Patron at Sly's Place Dead Aut 816wk


A crippled employee at Sly's Place. Though he has a bad limp and uses a staff to aid his walking, he is actually very skilful at using the stick as a weapon. Ahdio says he's his cousin's boy from Tainsfield, but since Ahdio isn't from Tainsfield himself, its doubtful.


Red-haired, green-eyed young vampire hunter, exotic dancer and union rep. She dresses in skin-tight black leather and pointed boots, and hunts the supernatural for a living; doing exotic dancing in the quiet moments. She is still an amateur, but is learning fast. It is said she has powerful allies and backers, including foreign nobility. She is known for her kind heart and ability to take in people from the street no matter how 'different' they are.


One of the more artistic enforcers, using dual swords he is able to remove bits of his victims piece by piece. During his "performance" he dresses only in a clout (loincloth). Following the loss of an arm when freeing animals from a circus, and having been eaten by a troll, he is much more cautious in taking commissions.


Barfly Patron of the Vulgar Unicorn. Dead Aut 817wk


Thug. Big, muscle-bound, lantern-jawed oaf who works as muscle for Mange the bounty-hunter. Wik is happy to take his orders and spend the money he got on booze. Rumoured to be part of the Viola Supporters Association.


Dark faced, towering bodyguard and thug.