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This article is 100% rumour, 80% true, 60% relevant, 40% accurate, 20% dependable and 0% guaranteed.

The S’Danzo of Sanctuary are a close-knit community. They primarily make their living from fortune-telling and tinkering. They are part of the wider Domani tribes.


Young son of the S'danzo seer, Moonflower. One of many children, the brother of Mignureal.


Half-demon & playmate of Gyskouras. Twin son of Illyra and Dubro. Marked by the gods and magic as part of an emerging divinity. Sent to the Elven Isles for his safety and education - and to remove him from Sanctuary. Said to have the divining powers of his mother, and seems much older than his few years.


Domani traveller. Possibly from Brandenberg. Chandler, with his companions Wess and Quartz, located and rescued the animals from a circus in Sanctuary. Fair-haired and handsome.


Teenaged boy. One of the many children of the S'danzo seer, Moonflower and Teretaff.


Bazaar S'danzo blacksmith and husband to Illyra. The quiet, huge smith of the Bazaar who protects Illyra and does most of the repair work for the poor in the area. He has little opportunity for combat because he is so obviously big and strong that no one wants to fight him. He specializes in wheel rims, horseshoeing and house-wares, but can repair weapons if necessary.


S'danzo Bazaar Vendor A sweetmeat vendor in the Bazaar, popular with the vendors as well as buyers. He sells his pastries to other Bazaar-folk at a fraction of the price to others. A good friend of Illyra and Dubro. Also a seller of oranges when they are in season.


S'danzo Astrologer Illyra has true-sight, unlike many others of her profession. When working, she applies thick kohl and make-up, and masses of shapeless clothing so as to appear as an "old crone", the expected appearance for a seeress. Also, the mother of several children, including a boy ( Arton) and a adopted girl (Trevya). Her own daughter Lillis was maimed by Zip. She lives in the Bazaar, with her blacksmith husband, Dubro. Having given up her son to be playmate of the demon spawn, Gyskouras, and her daughter crippled in the False Plague riots, she understands the true sacrifice that is love of family.


Blossoming S'danzo Seeress. Second eldest daughter of Moonflower. Looks a lot like her elder sister, Mignureal. Like her mother and sister, she also has 'true sight'.


Young daughter of Illyra. Arton's twin sister. Maimed during the False Plague riots by Zip who chopped her arm off and split open her mother's stomach with an axe.


Young S'danzo seer, Moonflower’s eldest daughter, who has the "true sight".


S'danzo seeress of remarkable obesity who was slain by guards who mistakenly attacked her husband. She is a competent fortune-teller, though not as accurate as Illyra, and can not predict the near future. She supports her husband Teretaff and several children with her fortune telling.


Domani traveller. Possibly from northern Brandenberg. An extremely tall, broad-shouldered woman with close-cut red/gold curly hair and grey eyes. Associates with Wess and Chandler.


A S'danzo beauty, wild even by their standards, her people have foresaw her violent death when she abandoned them to live for years in the Sanctuary garrison. So far she is proving them wrong.


Waiflike S'danzo wetnurse hired by Illyra and Dubro to care for their crippled daughter, Trevya. Her own child had been still-born.


S'danzo shopkeeper Moonflower’s husband and father of Mignureal. In his shop, he sells this and that item. He is proud of all his children.

The Termagant

S'danzo Doyen. Oldest of the astrologers practicing her craft in Sanctuary. An aged woman - tall, rawboned and bitter - with implacable eyes and straight mouth who dresses in the usual multicoloured modestly cut garb of her kind. She is strict, curt and not afraid to speak what she thinks to anyone and has the power to back her up.


Adopted daughter of Illyra. A orphan S'danzo girl placed in her care by Walegrin.


Domani traveller. Possibly from Brandenberg. Wess, with her companions Quartz and Chandler, located and rescued the animals from a circus in Sanctuary. She's a young, dark woman who could pass unnoticed as an ordinary citizen anywhere. A brave and loyal lass who can look after herself. More than a little fanatic about animal liberation and equal rights - avoid the subject!