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This article is 100% rumour, 80% true, 60% relevant, 40% accurate, 20% dependable and 0% guaranteed.

Recent rumours heard in smoky bars, dingy alleys, and from informers...

Winter 817

Autumn 817

An unusually strong magical storm buffeted the city in early Harvest. Severe damage was reported from the waves and only the intervention of mages from the SMG avoided massive loss of life. Notable structures destroyed were Indigo's Dyers, .....

Rumours of a guild party having been in town at the time have been unconfirmed which has fed suspicions of inter-guild warfare over secret dyer recipes.

A dragon was reported to have visited the city during the storm.

A side affect of the storm was a large amount of lost cargo, treasure chests, wrecks (old, new and surprising) and bodies (old, new and well preserved) have been recovered from the harbour as well as all along the Rankene coast - leading to a windfall for the locals

Summer 817

Winter 811

Winter 807

  • Alneri was seen to kill Jurgen, the street worker last week over a matter unknown. Jurgen was sitting and drinking in the Copper Kettle till late last duesday and he then made off homewards. A short distance away he ran into Alneri and an altercation ensued that resulted in Jurgen being forced into a near alley followed by Alneri. Moments later Alneri emerged, wiped down his dagger and proceeded on his way. Some nearby ‘concerned citizens’ moved into the alley only to find Jurgen sliced from gut to neck lying in a pool of blood.

  • Xavier the street worker was found dead yesterday floating out by the sea wall by members of the 3rd Command. He appeared to have died from a stab wound to his kidney. His body was rendered by Cholly, the Gluemaker.

  • Raz aka Kontrazynsky Rokossky of Rokosskys Messengers has departed Sanctuary to retire to Arabie. The messenger business has been bought by Marius De Ridefort, and the running of the business left in the hands of Karlos de Mange who had worked for Raz for 2 years.

  • Black Viktor of the Sanctuary Mage Guild has been hunting dives around Sanctuary looking for Harlston the Mercenary. He and several other mages, armed with a writ for the capture of Harlston have caused many a spilt drink and sore head down in dockside during their search. Harlston had been seen drinking in the establishments over the last few days and is now assumed to be lying low somewhere, rather than risk a confrontation with Black Viktor. In the moments of discussion before wrecking several taverns Black Viktor was heard to tell that Harlston had come into possession of something belonging to the SMG and that they wanted it back – badly!

Arts Festival 807

These are rumours picked up by those in the know, walking the streets, with their ear to the ground, eye on the main chance, and hands in their purse to grease palms. Also, by Adventurers who are fed these titbits carefuly by experts, to make them head off and settle old scores. No links, no guarantees the names are even right, let alone the facts.


  • The Gladiatorial tournament was great fun! First Tempus repeatedly swings some Baroness by her ankles into the stone wall, then Chenaya bites, scratches and hair-pulls to victory over a bemused and patient Tempus, and finally, Princess Meredithis declares Chenaya (her rival for the Duchy of Ranke) to be her Champion and protector for the next year. None of the fighters walked away happy - the opportunities for grudge matches abound. Look for Chenaya to led an insurrection in a year and a day, if Meredithis makes it to the throne.
  • Tiana the bounty-hunter has killed the vampire of Silberton. No, it can't be Tiana of the Bed-o-Roses - must be some other chick in skin-tight leather.
  • The high-level politics at the palace is coming to a head - either Kadakithis or Meredithis (or both) will be going for the Rankene Throne. If they are both going for it, expect an accident or two at the Masked Ball.
  • The Fine Art competition looks to be close-fought - no one has managed to get to the new judges. It's likely that it will be determined by the old tie-breaker method of artistic merit.
  • The Viola Supporters Association has officially disbanded after a pitched street battle with the Silberton Arts Council. Casualties on both sides were high.
  • Catlin of the Mage Guild saved the city from a major demonic invasion a couple of days ago. The entire Mage Guild, led by his deputy Alain Aspect, have been on high alert ever since while Catlin recovers his strength. Various people of import have been visiting his bedside, including the Merchant Council.
  • The palace garrison got their arses kicked by the Mason's Guild. Strike Anywhere had booked part of the Cathedral where the Masons are based, and when the guard moved in to arrest and subdue, the Masons declared it to be a Sacred General Meeting, and locked the doors in their face. The Cathedral is pretty impregnable, and a full company of 100 guards fumed outside while the performance went on, then the actors dispersed with the crowds. There's going to be further repercussions for the Artisan Guilds.
  • Queen Alexandra of Glissom has been found by Amhan and escorted to the palace. She apparantly got lost downtown for a few days. Amhan has been given royal patronage as a reward.
  • The trials of Father Rashan and Bauchle Meyne for desecration and gryffon-slaying respectively, will both be presided over by Molin Torchholder on Moonday 14th. They are both too ppolitical to be ruled on by a lesser priest.


  • The priests have thrown a multi-denominational bash up & down the Avenue of Temples. This all-night drinking, gorging and fornication fest was open to all priests and the god-struck (Agents/pacted). Sounds like they all had a great time.
  • Prince Kadakithis is using his niece as cover for something. He’s showing her around town on his arm, at every event going. He’s got her as patron of the gladiatorial tournament, an arts judge, and probably the belle of the masked ball. The visiting nobility are flocking to her, while he sits back and observes. He’s got something big going on, our Kitty-cat, and she’s his fall-guy. Probably he’s making a play for the Duchy, while keeping her busy & off-guard.
  • The Urielite Priest Rashan has been arrested overnight, and charged with defiling a temple of Malthus. It seems like he vomited all over the sacrifice altar during a game of “Drunk or Stoned” in the Temple of Alternate Day Saints. He refuses to accept the jurisdiction of Malthus. Molin Torchholder, High Priest of both Belith and Michael, has offered to preside, as has Father Qillon, priest of Ipos. Drunk or Stoned, for those who don’t know, is a religious ritual where people take turns to be dared to step into ground consecrated to hostile powers, or scull as a forfeit.
  • The Palace Guard raided the wrong building yesterday when attempting to disrupt a performance by the underground anarchists Strike Anywhere. Two squads of guards abducted & beat routinely questioned the patrons of the Blue Parrot, including Matron Abernathy, wife of Masonic Guild Master Abernathy. All repair work on the Palace and walls has been put on indefinite hold pending an extraordinary Mason Guild meeting. Someone’s head will roll.
  • The body count continues to rise from the Arts Festival. Six died in the bazaar yesterday, as a whirlwind took some children and chimneys hostage, and had to be talked down by Arts Council Security. Meanwhile, someone took the opportunity to set fire to stalls across the way. Bauchle Meyne is being held responsible for the whirlwind and will be charged with wilful damage and kidnapping when found. Curate Hazroah also wants him charged under Gusion Canon Law for Gryffon-abduction, a crime punishable by ritual sacrifice.
  • The vampire killings continue. Two more people were found dead overnight – one body was several days old, the other still bleeding when discovered. Eventually the serial killer will kill someone with real insurance, and the gig will be up – in the meantime, it’s safer to walk the streets as a beautiful woman than a handsome young man. That won’t last.
  • Three more days until either Tempus or Chenaya (or both) get their arses roundly kicked in public. Bring it on!
  • The Third Command set sail on the 8th, on their first maneouvers. Oddly enough, they started with river barges, heading up the White Foal River. They won't find any pirates in the centre of Ranke. That sly dog Kadakithis!
  • The Art competition is in crisis. Two of the judges have been nobbled, one artist is dead, another missing, and a third has withdrawn her entry.
  • The Gladiators didn't show up for their parade into the city at 10 this morning (8th). Word is that they are going to do a bit more this week than be fashionally late.
  • The Last Man Standing competition should be good - Tempus vs Chenaya! She can't be beaten, and neither can his ego! It'll be good to see the Bastard of Berith taken down a notch - and if he wins, then Sweet Chenaya will be eating humble pie - either way the audience wins. Maybe one of the others will freakishly beat them both, and we throw a city-wide party!
  • The bodies of several artists have been turning up around Silberton drained of their blood. It's either critics or vampires. I hope it's not a critic - at least a vampire has style.
  • Tasfalen Lancothis, a dissolute Rankene noble, has had his knee caps broken. It could be his rising debt to his tailor, but more likely its that Silverfoot chap, as Tasfalen was one of the Art comp judges - his doctor says he's withdrawn for his health. Meanwhile, Orla - the young daughter of Jharn Alden - is also a no-show for judging. Some say it's sentiment, but she hasn't been seen since her mother's death nearly a year ago.
  • The Operetta is cursed. Three of the stars have quit, the major roles were changed around last night, and someone in the cast is a raving psychopath - one of the bit-part actors got himself stabbed. All the shows are now sold out - people relish a good tragedy.
  • Strike Anywhere is going to be putting on more shows - the guards are going to have to move in or show how weak they really are.
  • Maybe the concubine Clarissa, who was originally scheduled to be on the Royal Trust providing funding for the Festival before being summarily replaced by Lirain, isn't out of favour after all. She's been repeatedly seen with Princess Meredithis, as bodyservant & bodyguard.
  • The Avenue of Temples has been humming with rumours. Apparantly Vashanka is causing more grief, and the agents of Belith, Seir, and the main Norden God, have formed an unholy triumverate to rid Sanctuary of his influence for once and for all. He's not one to sit idly by - if there are any who still follow him, they'll strike back viciously and without warning. Vashanka is at his strongest during the New Moon (13-15th) and some of the Dark Days like White Lotus Day, which was the 5th.
  • Black Victor, an up-and-coming Mage, threw down on Catlin, the head of his Guild. Catlin publicly backed down from a Duel with this guy. He's also picked the 3 worst apprentices in the Guild - a socialite, a poisoner, and a vole - and plans to sweep the annual apprenticeship prizes. I can't see the old boys at the SMG taking kindly to him. Nor Ischade, if her apprentices are upstaged. As long as they don't fight on the streets, I'm all in favour of mage battles. Maybe they could charge admission.
  • The “Grand Champion of Sanctuary” Gladiatorial combats will be held on the 13th of Meadow. The purse is 200 guineas, winner take all. The patron of the games is Princess Meredithis of Ranke.
  • The Menagerie & Freak Show is no more. Last evening (6th), a Troll, a wingéd Elf, and some actors set fire to the warehouse where the freaks were being stored, and set some of them free, including a Griffon. Arts Council security and local Pilf guards killed the griffon and drove off the troll and elf. Today (7th) the actors returned, and set the rest of the animals free. Bauchle Meyne is demanding compensation from the Arts Silberton Council.
  • There have been several sightings of a wingéd Elf over the city and inner harbour. Some witnesses claim that the elf had a small child.
  • The Mage Guild has located Latilla, Lalo’s favourite child. Apparantly this had caused bad blood between them and the palace guard, who had spared no effort over the last three days searching for her. Half a dozen powerful mages are guarding Lalo’s house around the clock, along with a full garrison patrol.
  • A huge ship sailed into Sanctuary this afternoon (7th), over the wheatfields. The ship, full of dignitaries attending the gladiatorial events, swept in, buoyed on a cushion of water. Apparently the slaves that were run over were unharmed.
  • Baron Ramakithis, the oldest bastard son of Duke Abakithis, has taken control of the Rankene palace. Meanwhile, Princess Meredithis is garnering foreign support at the Sanctuary Palace. No word from Lowan Vigeles on whether he's making another attempt for the crown - but his daughter Chenaya has been busy drilling her troops.
  • Tudhaliya has been delayed in submitting his entry into the Arts Compettition. Apparantly he cut his arm off shaving.
  • Roxane has been bringing in some heavy hitters lately - it seems she's behind the disappearance of several professionals, who either declined an offer, or are setting up alibis. With Ishade having pulled out of the Festival security, who is the witch taking down?
  • Gilla and Lalo have posted a reward of 100 pennies and a free portrait (which can have a price of thousands) for whoever returns their daughter Latilla unharmed, no questions asked. No one's taken them up on the offer yet. Now who could want a beautiful pre-teen girl with magical aritstic talents? Or are they just extorting something from her father?
  • Confirmation that the repair work at the Stadium will be finished by Moonday, so the tickets people are buying for the big fight on the 8th will be good.
  • Pre-fight publicity has it that Chenaya is going up against a mystery opponent - it's probably just hype, but this could be the long-awaited confrontation between her and Tempus; the magically unbeatable lass, and the grim machine who's been beating all comers for 300 years.
  • The freak show is missing some of its big draw-cards - three days out, and its still got no Salamander or Genie. If the elf's wings fall off, and the beardless Dwarf stops shaving, there could be a nasty riot, even without a troll to kick things off.
  • Niko has got Joia sacked from the Operetta - he got her new Arts Council member license revoked because she didn't give a cut of her erotic dancing cash to the council - 10% of all artistic endeavours must go to the council. Now his sweetheart Tamzen is suddenly in the key Operatic role of a young naive blonde who doesn't know what to do with a randy goatherd - talk about casting against type! At least she can wiggle her arse fine - who cares if she can sing.
  • Someone has pulled Gremory's temple dancers from both the Concert and the Caberet shows - the girls were willing, but apparantly the security was weak. Who would threaten the most beloved religion in town?
  • Have you seen those freaky guys in white facepaint? They've been breaking lots of rules - nothing illegal, just laws of Nature. They climb up pretend ladders, lean off rooves into pretend gales, and one of them was trapped in an imaginary box at the top of a tent pole in the Bazaar for 4 hours before his friends returned to let him out - and I think he was claustriphobic.
  • The Palace has declared Strike_Anywhere to be an illegal gathering of conspirators dedicated to the overthrow of law and order. Their shows are now completely sold out.
  • The Gladiators are going to be performing at the Stadium again. Probably on the Festival's Opening Night. Looks like Chenaya's up to her old tricks again - offending people just by breathing.
  • Rashan and Anamar are said to be behind the rapid re-occupation of the Stadium. I can see why Anamar wants to atone for his terrible showing and financial loss at the Lunar Games, but what has Uriel to do with it all?
  • The Sanctuary Mage Guild has finally made some mages available for protecting the big events - looks like Marype, Darios, Merricat and Viktor are the fall guys working for Ischade. I reckon Marype the Vole is the toughest of that lot.
  • Bauchle Meyne is hiring extra muscle to protect his new range of freaks and animals. Wik and Jurgen are now part of his crew. It's said that Aristarchus the Troll is organising a peaceful protest outside the circus tent. Bauchle better hire more than a couple of toughs to deal with a Troll and a dozen boozed-up Domani.
  • It's said that that new stripper Aidin is a vampire - but he walks the streets in sunlight. I hear he turned down Taya, who declared thus him the walking dead.
  • Latilla has gone missing - it's not like Gilla to lose one of her children. Could be more work by that Silverfoot Gallery - I hear the owner used to be a journalist.
  • Tudhaliya's started leaving the remnants of his performances around again. One of them was a Hawkmask - or possibly it's the Pilf settling old scores.
  • Haught is the reason why Ischade is involved in the Festival - she's apparantly soft on her apprentice - or setting up another trap for Roxane, who claims to be his cousin. If Ischade & Roxane go at it again, it'll be the False Plague riots all over again.
  • The Prince thinks Tempus is past it - it's said he's brought in some mighty hero to maintain order and scare the big players back into line. Those in the know won't comment about the likelihood of it being Count Blitzkrieg, Prince Engleton, or Lord Azure.
  • Alneri has just left publically town. That follows Cade last week, and Prism the week before. Why would three people in their business be known to be out of town? Some'ones got a big payroll.
  • Serena Alden is back in town, defying the Mage Guild's "Hunting Season". She's got several discrete bodyguards, and is making polite enquiries about assisting the festival in her niece's honour. I'm predicting a freak tornado, to be blamed on the Calder Storm Mages.
  • Mournful Arcadia always wears his balaclava. What has he to hide?
  • Diabolus is in the pay of Gremory's temple. Pammith used to be an acolyte there.
  • The Silverfoot Gallery has paid vast sums to the judges to win the Jharn Alden Replica Portrait or Bust Contest. But Lalo should win - he always captures the true soul of the sitter - unless Lady Jharn's got a dark side - after all she was married to the Toad for twenty years.
  • Niko has some deal with the Arts Council - apparantly he's doing most of the screening of artists. Not his usual line of work - is he losing his violent streak, or is there something afoot? Maybe he just wants to get Tamzen a walk-on part in one of the shows.
  • The judges of the Jharn Alden Replica Portrait or Bust Contest are:
    • Tasfalen
    • Lirain
    • Clarissa
    • Coricidius
    • Shamut
None of them need the money or the prestige, and most of them aren't known for being crooked, so it'll be interesting to see who gets to them, and how much it'll cost.

General Summer 807

  • Prince Kadakithis is sheltering Meredithis, his niece and putable heir to the Duchy, at the palace. Is he sidelining her, or just protecting her from the attentions of her older bastard half-brothers? Meredithis is cetainly having a good time with the influx of nobility to Sanctuary - is she garnering popular support, seeking an older man in marriage, or just caught up in the sparkle and soirees?
  • Lowan Vigiles and his daughter's Gladiators are moving from Land's End into the City, as the Third Command is shipped out. Lowan probably still has his eye on the main prize - he's not too old to remarry, particularly to a sweet young thing like Meredithis.
  • The Gladiators are opening their return season with a knockout tournament to find the champion for 807 - 16 heroes line up, only one can conquer - will it be the first seed Chenaya, the proven master Dayrne, or the mystery warrior who has taken second seeding from Dayrne?
  • It's official - Duke Abakithis is lost at sea. However, it's unclear what happened - the more believable stories include being eaten by a shark, attacked by pirates, killed by Brandenburg courtiers, and falling overboard while too drunk to swim. Conspiracy theories include the Duke being alive, and waiting to see who makes a move on his throne; Kitty-cat having organised it as revenge for his exile, or as an excuse for his naval expansion; and Roxane's next big move after the False Plague riots.
  • The Third Command are currently packing up and shipping out - at least as far as Danbo's Reef. Walegrin is looking after the north, and the Pilfs are moving into Fishtown and Downtown. You can expect some turf wars as protection money gets redistributed, and insurance policies expire. Those in the North and West of Sanctuary better keep their heads down, and hide their valuables.
  • This arty party happening in Silberton next week looks like its going to spill out into the rest of town. There's going to be a big costume parade down Governor's Way, a shin-dig with strippers in the Red Lantern district, performances in the Bazaar and some grand finale Ball and Art Competition at the Governor's Palace. Drinks are going to be twice as expensive wherever the Art-thing is going off. Security's going to be a bitch - apparantly the Mage Guild has washed their hands of it, and given the problem to Peres House.
  • 200 children died mysteriously this season, all in the same hour apparently. All on the same day on the 5th of Heat.

General Spring 806

  • Prince Kadakithis is preparing for something big. He is freeing up his key advisors and passing the lesser areas and projects to petty functionaries. While rumours fly as to what the project may be, there is no reliable info yet.
  • The star of Tempus is on the wane. Beleth's special influence Sanctuary appears to be slipping, and with it, Tempus' ability to resist the authority of the Prince, and of his putative commander, Zalbar.
  • The schoolgirl Jaelle Alden has failed to keep her House's affairs in order. They have suffered numerous set-backs, and their place on the Merchant Council has been taken by Ahloo. The House may be broken.
  • Shipbuilding up and down the coast is affecting Sanctuary's control of the Southern trade routes.
  • Crime, always a big part of the economy, is on the rise. More money is flowing through the western kingdom, as barons prepare for difficult times ahead, and as knights return from the southern crusade against the Dark Circle.
  • The gladiators are coming back. Some little slip of a miss has been put in charge of returning Bread and Circuses to the central stage. But what's going to happen to the Third Command? Commander Sync and General Alar may be politic, but people like Kama and Gayle might go ballistic.
  • It's big, brash, and very risky. Sanctuary is getting a real Merchant Navy. The Third Command are going to become Marines, and protect convoys of shipping out of Sanctuary. Word is that the losses to rival ports and sinkings of slave hulks have gotten too much in the last 12 months, and that Kadakithis has put his foot down. His half-brother Duke Abakithis of Ranke is definately losing his touch allowing this to happen.
  • The Third Command are definitely moving to Danbo's Reef. It's said the whole Merchant Marine plan is to keep one of Kitty-Cat's hot little numbers happy. That's no way to run an army.

General Winter 806

  • Jubal is confirmed to be alive and active, which is why the Hawkmasks are in the Bazaar and southern Sanctuary.
  • Jubal is confined to his bed. His chief lieutenant is the mysterious Blue Diamond.
  • With the loss of most of his troops against the Dark Circle in Summer, Tempus has disbanded the Stepsons of Belith as anymore than his own personal heavies. He lacks the troops numbers to stand up to the Pilfs or Hawkmasks, let alone the Third Command or Walegrin's men.
  • House Alden, one of the five big merchant houses, is in crisis after a series of unrelated tragic accidents on 14th Meadow saw all the adult children killed. With Aristo Alden off and involved in long-term product development, and and his brother managing the business in Arabie, the current head of the house is apparantly his eldest living daughter Jaelle, currently at finishing school in Alfheim. The house is taking a hammering in the slavery and antiques industries, and is slipping in its share of the 'changing and drugs markets too.