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This article is 100% rumour, 80% true, 60% relevant, 40% accurate, 20% dependable and 0% guaranteed.

This is a summary of what is commonly said about the more well-known people who have sway in Sanctuary. Note that there are others who are equally powerful but don’t court the limelight.

Prince Kadakithis

The charismatic but seemingly naïve governor of the town. He was exiled to Sanctuary by his half-brother Duke Abakithis of Ranke, in revenge for being assassinated in Sanctuary some years ago. The Governor of Sanctuary is slim, with curly blonde hair, in his mid thirties, idealistic and enthusiastic. He is also intelligent and has excellent awareness of why he is where he is. He is quite fair, when it is possible. The prince was given the nickname 'Kitty Cat' by those contemptuous of his diplomatic rather than tyrannical ways. His wife Daphne has sadistic tendencies, so he maintains several concubines as well. Throughout 807WK he is often at the Rankene capital, helping his niece Duchess Meredith.


The captain of the Hellhounds, the elite palace guard, and a dedicated soldier with nothing but disdain for the city of Sanctuary and its citizens. He is scrupulously honest. Zalbar's square-jawed face underlines his honesty, and his height makes him recognisable, even among the uniformed Hellhounds.

Tempus Thales

Hellhound / Agent of demons. Nearly immortal mercenary through the power of Berith. Commander of the Stepsons; cursed with insomnia and a fatal inability to give or receive love. The Hellhound is an enigmatic character pacted to the demon Berith. He can sometimes speak to Berith, usually to quarrel. He has been alive for at least three centuries, is a master of all weapons and was granted two gifts by the demon - the ability to regenerate and the ability to mask his features so he cannot be recognized. He hates Jubal the slaver due to some ancient slight (rumours are that Jubal once bested him in the arena) and relishes interfering with the slaver’s plans and battling Jubal's hawk-masks in the streets. Despite being an Agent himself, he despises Gods, demons and their followers and is extremely distrustful of magic. It has been widely rumoured that Tempus was sent to Sanctuary on a special commission by powerful interests in the capital, which would go some way to explain why Zalbar has very little control over him or chooses not to exercise it. Tempus is tall and brutal-looking when he is not masking his features. Normally he has long blonde hair and sometimes a beard. Among other things he has been a general, a philosopher, and an E&E.


Rankan army officer in charge of the Sanctuary garrison where his father had been slain many years before. Now one of the three officers responsible for the peace in Sanctuary. Half-brother to Illyra the Seeress. They both had the same father, a Rankan soldier who was cursed for seducing a Bowcourt woman. Walegrin feels himself cursed by the same curse. His luck is rarely better than 50/50, good and bad, even though Illyra feels it is nonsense. He has become well-known for hunting down and rediscovering the formula for creating Toledo steel. There is no trace of youth left in his features. He is tall and pale, his thick, sun-bleached hair braided into four braids bound by a bronze circlet. He cuts a very barbaric figure, and usually has at least one of his mercenary company with him.

Molin Torchholder

High priest of Sanctuary's wargod (currently Berith - or is that Michael?). Chief liaison between the Sanctuary priests and the United Church; he is pursuing a policy of accommodation. His notable achievements include being the architect for rebuilt walls of Sanctuary and mastering the needlessly complex bureaucratic system to become it’s supreme administrator within the mere span of a decade. Torchholder was the high priest and temple architect who was sent to Sanctuary with the prince's retinue to build 'suitable' temples to the local powers. He originally intended the new temples to surpass the Mordeaux Cathedrals but due to various events he decreased his ambitions. He is extremely powerful, rich and dedicated to the glory of his pantheon. Molin is the perfect square-jawed, long nosed Rankan bureaucrat/ priest, but it is rumoured that his mother was a Brandenburg witch said to be from Odessa.

Bakarat The Toad

As well as supposedly being the most successful merchant in Sanctuary, Bakarat also functions as the de facto head of the Elven community. Second only to Jubal in cunning, he runs one of Sanctuary's most sophisticated information and crime networks. What is more unusual is that this revolting person would be remarkably ugly for a human, much less an Elf, though few can afford to offend this wealthy merchant. Though not blind to his flaws, he considers himself a sophisticate, connoisseur, and a legendarily skilled lover.


An Azurian crime-lord, once a famous gladiator, now considered semi-respectable because of his immense power; deals in slaves, drugs, and smuggled goods. Jubal rose from being a common pit fighting slave to a master of nearly all the illegal and a few legal activities in Sanctuary. He learnt a brutal pragmatism in the arena, but has become extremely astute and cultured businessman in the years since. However, he still maintains a force of cutthroats hidden in blue hawk masks to do his dirty-work. They are referred to as blue Hawks or Hawkmasks. He has survived a famous enmity with Tempus Thales through careful manoeuvring and the occasional superb bluff, but considers him an honourable and worthy foe.

Jubal was "killed" by Tempus in 803 WK. There were signs in Spring 805WK that he was alive, which were confirmed in Winter 806WK, when Jubal was seen out in society.


Powerful and ageless madam of the Aphrodesia House, the classiest bordello in Sanctuary. She is as old as some elves and is kept young through the magical arts. She is very protective of her girls, particularly the young ones who are not yet working the rooms. Myrtis no longer sleeps with her customers, except perhaps Zalbar. She is also apparently mistress of some of the tunnels which run beneath the wall of Sanctuary.

Raithe & Moonshae

Villains of the first order. See Raithe & Moonshae for more details.